Thursday, September 3, 2015

That smells yummy.

This review will be a two in one. First up is a great oil blend that is power packed for great things. Following is an amazing smelling fur freshener.

Not only do bugs bite.. they really suck too.

Well this super cool oil helps put them on the run and smells PAWSOME all at the same time.

I really love natural products and I love to smell good too.

This special oil come in a pretty glass bottle with an eye dropper attached.  This oil blend is really awesome and works hard to keep you healthy.

Packed with the goodness of geranium oil. Did you know than not only does it smell great but its a natural anti-microbiol (that's a germ fighter)

Oregano oil is great too. First off the smell reminds me of PIZZA and boy do I love pizza. That super oil repels fleas,and even parasites. I love that all with out that icky chemical smell. My only fear of smelling all pizza like is the humans may eat me. I can see them drooling.  

Last it even has Lavender oil in it. I love lavender it helps me and my mama rest, its oh so soothing, smells great, helps heal small sores, and is good for an anti-inflammatory. Who knew that something so small could do so much?

This oil really has the fleas on the run and just a little dab will do ya.

It's some pretty powerful stuff.

This little magical bottle of oils helps with dandruff not that a beauty like me has to worry with that.
It helps fight icky germs, it helps with fleas and parasites,helps you rest, helps heal small sores, and is an anti-inflammatory. It even smells great too. It works as hard as a service dog.

Now for the super fresh spray.

This spray smells amazing. At my house we love the scent of ginger.. and even love the taste. Ginger peach juice anyone??

Anyway back to this highly scented spray that won't burl a hole in your pocket leaving plenty of money for tummy yummy treats.

This fur spray has the gurrrate scents of lemongrass, rosemary, ginger, and is mixed with water and olive oil.

Now first off I have to say olive oil is great for your skin and fur. I love it and even eat  some on my food once a week,

Ginger has a very subtle yet spicy smell to it that just is amazing.

Lemongrass has a crisp clean smell that isnt over powering.

Rosemary smells great. We grow that and cook with it. The smell is hard to describe but it makes my tail thump thump thump the floor.

This is something that you don't want to over use. MAKE IT LAST.

2-3 sprays for my tiny dog friends, and 4-5 for larger dogs. The best part about this... after you get sprayed you get a nice rubdown. I love that part because petting is a great way to bond with your human.

For the low price of $20 plus shipping you can get both of these great products. In fact take a look around I know you can find a purrr-prize for your cat friends and even a gift for your humans too.

*photos to come*

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

That's how we roll.

For those of you that don't know my mama is in a wheelchair. Now that can be a pretty depressing life at first. Why not make it a bit more fun. See my mama got this water bottle that she really really loves.

She wanted to make it a bit more fun so she contacted a very nice lady that is so talented and told her about an idea she had.

She took some of that cool vinyl stuff that people put on their cars and then she did something really cool. She made it into a label for the water bottle.

This thing was so cool, and even kinda funny. It shows a girl sitting in a wheelchair and says That's how I roll. I love this because the bottle has more personality now.

This also helps let people know that this bottle belongs to my mama. Last thing that she needs to complete this is a label to put her name on the bottle too. 

Now most wheel chair cushions look all medical and bland. They have no character. No personality and that just won't do. See my mama likes things to be eye catching and fun.The nice lady helped with that. She made a nice pretty quilted design that makes it look great.Not only that but it adds a little more padding to it and helps make it softer and in the heat it won't stick to my mamas legs. Even better, she added some velcro to it. This is great because when my mama transfers from her chair to the car her cushion stays in place now. I'm so happy because now that thing has manors and stays clean. Sometimes though it will need a bath and this is way easy to fix. Slide it off the cushion start the wash and toss it in. Cant be any easier than that. 

I highly recommend you having your humans check this out because your tail will just wag seeing them so happy with their new things.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gifts for me.

Now Im sure you remember that super cool pet gift box I told you about two times before. Well I got another one earlier this month and haven't really had time to write. I have been working over time because, my mamas cousin JJ died and she's been really sad.  I have had to act super silly to try and help her smile.

This box was all about summer fun. I got two super cool toys, 2 super cool snacks, and even this gurrrrate stick to protect my paws.

First to tell you all about those toys.

Toy# 1 was a pupsicle. You could have your person throw it in the water and it floats. You can even have them wet it squish out the extra water and then toss it into the freezer and let it get nice frozen and cool to play with. Ahhhh such cool relief.

Toy #2 Was a life guard themed toy. I love that it floats and has a nice fun rope to chew on. It even had a plastic ring so my mama could play tug with me. I love when she plays tug. It's so much fun and my tail wags so hard she says I might take flight.

*photos to be added later*

Man do I love snacks. I must be a doggy foodie.

Snack # 1 came in a mix. you add hot hot water into it and pour it into molds or even just a glass pan. This snack was a very tasty pup-rize I didnt know that they made peanut butter jello for dogs. That was just so cool and fun to snack on.

Snack #2 This was the best snack I have ever had. I loved it. My tail became a blur. This treat you mixed with some hot water and had to put in the freezer for what felt like furever. Then when it came out guess what. It was ICE CREAM I love love love ice cream. That's like the best snack ever. My mama said that this is something that I have to savor so I could only have 1 or 2 scoops a day. I think thats not fair because it's mine. I think she just wanted to eat it all by herself.

*photos to be added later*

This super cool stick is really nice. It has lots of good stuff in it like coconut oil. This little stick is so nifty. In the winter it helps protect your paws from salt and ice. In the summer it protects them from the heat. It even works great for chapped raw dry paws and noses. This is just so cool. I love that it's low to no mess and that its also unscented.

*photos to be added later* 

Keep water on hand.

Hi everyone. I know I usually write about doggy stuff but this water bottle is PAWSOME.
My mama is in a wheelchair and she likes to drink lots of water. She was given the Eddy bottle from the nice people at CamelBak.
Now I know thats a silly name for a water bottle and backpack company but I think it's kinda catchy. See Camels store their water in that big hump on their back.

These bottles are built to last. They go through so much testing. This just proves they're super strong.

I love these bottle because they have sizes for all the two legged members of your family. Even the little ones. They get tougher super strong bite valves for those super sharp teeth. Plus the fun colors and prints will have the tiny hands ditching those dull baby bottles, and kicking the sippy cup habit for a big kid cup. They will always be asking, fill my bottle please. This is a fun and easy way to get them to drink more water.

The following information from the company was taken from their website.

To continuously reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform.

Replace bottled water as the most common way to hydrate.

We are forward-thinking inventors who value creative, unconventional ideas and unusual solutions to common problems. We seek new ways to do things and are not afraid to take risks.

WE GIVE A ____.
We are fully dedicated to what we make, how we make it, and for whom we make it and the way it impacts people's lives and the environment.


We push to be first, but must also be the best. We get excited about winning and taking on seemingly impossible challenges. We prefer not to coast, draft, take the easy route, or sit still.

Passionate people make superior, meaningful products. We are inspired by one another and the diverse missions, passions, and stories of our customers.

Camelbak was started in 1989 by Bicycle enthusiast Michael Eidson, is competing in the "Hotter'N Hell 100." And that's exactly what it is: a 100-mile road race in the grueling summer heat of Wichita Falls, Texas. Water is vital to surviving the race, and there are few places to refill a water bottle. Eidson, an emergency medical technician by trade, decides to fill an IV bag with water and slip it into a white tube sock. Yes, a tube sock. Then he stuffs the contraption into the back of his bike jersey, throws the thin hose over his shoulder and clamps it with a clothespin.
Hands-free hydration is born. And Eidson is able to drink as he pedals...while the other racers laugh and fiddle with their water bottles.

Jeff Wemmer, a competitive cyclist who fell hard for CamelBak, was so impressed by the product that he started bringing packs to races to sell them. Talk about a fan. CamelBak eventually hired him, and in 1993, Jeff embarked on a road trip to keep the start-up running during very tough times.
Company lore has it that Jeff visited bike shops from Florida to California, pitching our product from the back of his motorcycle. Each order Jeff faxed back to the factory literally breathed another day of life back into CamelBak.

It took courage, conviction and imagination to evolve from an IV bag in a tube sock sold by a motorcycle-driven sales force of one. Our core values remain the same and drive everything we do - from inventing the hydration category to becoming the world's leading maker of hydration solutions.

Oh yeah...about those cyclists who laughed at Eidson? Well, chances are they've got a CamelBak strapped to their back or in their bike cage these days. Go figure...
CamelBak is all about giving back to those in need and that makes them super pawsome. To learn about the great ways they give back check out this link.

I really love this company for the simple fact that  they do a lot of good for the environment, things like encouraging their employees to ride bikes or public transportation to work. That helps cut down on that icky pollution. I HATE pollution it makes me wanna growl. GURRR.

Now back to this bottle. It's made of really strong BPA free plastic and has a built in removable straw and this really cool thing called a bite valve.  To use that bite valve you simple lightly bite and suck and then you get a nice big gulp of water.

Don't wanna use the straw?? That's cool too.  Take it off and use the tip and sip feature.

Cleaning this bottle is super simple.

I like the fact they stand behind their products proving that CamelBak has your back.

So if you need a high quality easy to use water bottle to make sure your person always has water to share with you drag them out and make them buy a CamelBak. You won't be sorry.  They are so many colors and options that there's something for everyone.

1606127_Palm (500×500) 

In fact I have a doggy friendly bottle idea for them. They already have a bike bottle with a jet valve. Maybe they can make an attachment to the lid that your human can put a small pop up dog bowl on so on a walk, you can have your person pop off that bowl and squeeze some water in it for you. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lovin this leash wrap and dry shampoo.

OH boy I got this super pawsome to my specifications experimental dog leash wrap.
I really love it because it covers most of my leash, is bright red and has black letters.
The words are front and back.


Now I know that sounds a little mean but really its not. A service dog must stay focused on their person and if you play with us an OH NO might happen. Our mama or daddy or girl or boy may get hurt and then we'd cry. That's why you don't need to try and play with us.

Silly store owners sometimes try to tell our person that they cant bring us is because "Dog's are nasty" well it's illegal not to let a service dog in and this nifty thing helps cut down on that.

I love the fact that the nice lady that owns this company is willing to work with people to design pawsome products that really work and look great too,

They also sent me some good smelling dry shampoo powder to use in between baths as a way to smell your very best. Something that is very important to a service dog.

Remember with this powder a little goes a looooong way.

The smell I got is Wild Dog even though I'm very mellow. BOL.

Wild Dog- geranium, citronella and cedarwood blend to repel insects and protection blend including orange, eucalyptus and rosemary to purify and cleanse bacteria. This cool stuff is even made with arrowroot.

I think if they used a little DE it would be even better. I love DE. 

This talented lady even makes bandannas, fannypacks, shampoo, paw balm, and decals. 

I wish she could use her talents to surprise my mama with a cool decal for her car. 
I want to get her one with a girl in a wheelchair (like pictured) with a dog in a vest beside it

And I want it to say... 


I wonder if I send her dog lots of treats if I can buy a cool decal like that. 

More pictures to follow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer time is fun time.

Hello everyone I have to tell you about a gift box I got that I didn't even expect. It was another one of those pawsome

Pet Gift Box.

Man I love this one. It has my name on it so the whole world knows it belongs to me. THATS JUST PAWTASTIC.

This box was all about food and fun. The two best things ever to dogs. It had some supplements in it that are called Muttstard Petchup and Bark B Que sauce. I told you about those before. Boy are they YUMMY. They make me lick my chops.

Speaking of chops I got this cool squeekie that looked just like a little pork chop. YUM YUM YUM. It looks like something I should eat but my mama said that I cant. That its a toy not food. Thats cool but I'd rather eat it.

I even got this super cool toy that looks just like a burger with lettuce,tomato, cheese, and even seeds on the bun. HOW CUTE. I wish I could eat it though. I think burgers smell yum yum.

I even got a rope on toy. I LOVE rope toys. How did they know? Are they peeking in my toybox?

This one is really cool because it even looks like it has hot dogs on it. Why must these fun toys look like food and why cant I eat them?

This brings me to some cool treats. They are made by Nathan's as in some of the best hot dogs in the world. My mama smelled those treats and said they smell good. She said they smell like a slim jim. This treat you have to keep in the fridge so they stay nice and fresh. I pawsonally think its' because she want's to eat them.

I even got some Grill-icious treats. They look like burger patties and taste like chicken. I really like these because of such a satisfying  crunch.

This pet subscription box is perfect because it lets you try lots of great things. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fleas naturally flee from me.

Hello everyone I have to tell you about this really great and awesomely made flea spray.

This great spray is from a great person is made with natural products. It's always best to use natural products when you can. Reason being with natural products there's no chance for the yucky chemicals to build up and hurt you.

This is totally pawsome because it is made with things that the normal dog can pronounce. Apple cider vineger, water, green tea, melrose, citronella, eucalyptus, grapefruit, geranium, orange, cederwood. It smells pretty good and is really easy to use.

Spray spray spray it on and it then rub it in. This helps get that itchy skin taken care and it even puts those itchy biting jumpy fleas on the run. It even smells yummy too. How pawsome is that? 

They even included something that's not even on their site yet. That really made my tail wag. I got to try out a flea collar. This flea collar is super pretty and not at all like that icky plastic one that can make you sick. This one comes with a natural oil mix that you put on the collar with rubbing alcohol and let it soak a bit then lay it flat and let it dry then you wear it and the fleas run away. It smells cool too that way you are smelling pawsome, looking cool, and flea free.

Now those nasty chemical filled store bought stuff is so bad for you. Why would you want something like that.. 

The active ingredients in these solutions include chemicals such as imidacloprid, fipronil, 

permethrin, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen, all of which have caused serious health problems in 
animals in laboratories.

When you can have all natural healthy good smelling products that are safe for you and your family.

Check out this pawduct you won't be upset