Monday, January 26, 2015

Showing my Disney Side.

My mama loves the Disney channel and has even been to Disney world 3 times, all before she got me.  Well if we ever get to go back as a family I'm ready. I got this super fun collar and leash set that is such a bright yellow and features Minnie Mouse.

See that is one of the best Disney characters ever..well except for Jack and Sally.. everyone loves them.

This set came from the nice people at Dog Collars Boutique. They have a site that is very easy to find your way around and a huge selection that is always changing.

Like sports? They have gear for you. Like cartoons? well they have that too,

This shop even has doggy shoes that light up when you walk to make night time walks much better... they help you be safe in the dark.

The customer service team is amazing and super friendly too.

My mama talked to a nice lady named Erica who helped me get this super nice set. I wonder if I give her my puppy eyes if I can get a pair of those cool shoes. My size is 2.5 inches.  I also would just dance over the shirt Can't hold my licker.. I think that is so funny because I just love to give kisses. I really hope for that in a black 3 xl size shirt..and a matching bright pink large bandanna. Hint Hint Mrs. Erica.  I'll send you puppy kisses and tail wags for more pawsome goodies.

The clip on this collar is super strong but isn't tough on my mama's fingers and the clip on the leash is nice and heavy but not too heavy for my neck.

Move over Daisy Duck there's a new Daisy in town and I'll steel everyones hearts if I ever go to the park.

Check out with their huge selection from everything from collars to shoes to shampoo and all things in between you won't be sorry, and drop in and tell the nice customer service team HI from Daisy-Mae.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Travel with me I'm metal free.

Hello all my awesome friends.

I have this fantastic collar and leash combo to tell you about. It's one piece and totally metal free.
I really enjoy this because it can make my mamas travel life much much easier. See if we have to fly we can make it through security lickity split.

See with out metal to make that noisy box go BEEP when you walk through.

I love the fact that it's one piece because it's easier to just put it on and go. This thing looks so cool with the vest that my mamas friend made me too. See that vest is custom and has no metal on it at all.

The nice person that made this has tons and tons of things they can make and if you give them a custom design they can help your dream come to life like they did this nifty leash that I now have.

This thing is so light weight that anyone can grab it and toss in a bag just in-case any of your gear fails.

Light weight and super strong paracord is the way to go for a leash that you want to travel with.

This can also double as a metal free leash only so you can use an existing collar that you already love.


As you can easily see this set is made with lots of love and there are so many choices in color. Check out their page on Facebook and Etsy and see all the amazing things they can make. Don't see something you want just describe it and I'm sure that before you know it there will be a nice new package at your door. 

Perfect for service dogs or just dogs on the KNOTACORD and you won't be sorry.

* photos used with permission*


This contest will run until Feb 10th and winner announced on Valentines day.

Up for grabs is a keychain or an awareness ribbon made from paracord.

Please leave a comment with what you would want the colors and why. The winner will be picked by KNOTACORD. 


Tri-Head collar

Hello friends.

I have a very special head collar to tell you about. The neck is green and the nose loop is green and yellow. It matches all my amazing Viking gear.

You see this one is so cool. It's made from Paracord and has several nose loops that can be changed out to suit my mood.

I love the fact that it has three different braids so that it can be made to look like we have even more gear than we do. After all a lady likes options and this helps us have tons.

It came with a Velcro strap to hook them together but that broke. I almost cried but then my mama fixed it with a little piece of paracord she had from a bracelet she took apart, wouldn't ya know it that made my collar good as new.

The nice lady who made this is the very same one who made my Viking collar, my Viking leash, my Christmas bandanna that's layered, my Viking bandanna and one of my cool scarves. As you can tell she is oh so talented.

My mamas uncle Johnny messed up part of the leash but the lady who made it fixed it up and now it's better than ever. It gets my tail to wagging when I think about how great that customer service is.

*photos to come*

Keep me warm

Hello everyone.

I have something wonderful. It's beautiful I love white fabric with puppy paws. It helps me stay nice and warm when the cold winds blow.

This super cool thing wraps around the neck and has a little slit on it. It even has a button to help it stay in place.

This super cool pretty warm thing is called a scarf.   It's really well made and adds a sophisticated flair to any outfit. As you know we ladies love looking our best and this is a wonderful way to look your very best.

I love the super spiffy button and how nice and soft the fabric is over my neck.  This thing is really really awesome and is a fantastic way to look great and stay toasty warm

(photo to be uploaded soon)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beautiful id tag

Hello everyone I got this amazing unique fully custom tag.

It's oh so cute and matches my dress, collar, leash, hat, bandanna, and poo bag holder perfectly. After all a proper lady has to match. BOL.

This tag is super high quality and fully custom. You see it started out being pink with white and purple flowers but I got mine with only white.

The tag was easy for my mama to put on my collar and I am super happy about that because sometimes her fingers hurt her.

This super nice tag was made out of a type of clay the hardens into a plasticy feel. I think it's great because it's hand made with so much love.

They have so many ways to customize a tag so it will be perfect for you in any situation.

This tag is easy to care for and is a perfect way to stay safe and sound. I love that it's as one of a kind as I am.

It came in an amazing way. A pretty box with a bow that made it look like a little present. It was Oh so cute.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vi-cool patch

I got this awesome new green and yellow/golden color patch the other day, It's so cool and looks great on my Viking vest. It's so big there's no way anyone can miss seeing it. I love how pretty this is and how well it matches my vest.

The lady that makes the patches has so many options and very fair prices.  Her patches have a bit of magic in them.  See they are iron on and that's really cool.

See my mama can't really sew that well and this way my new patch can stay put on my vest and I can keep looking great.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Dress for success.

I love having clothes and this skirt is no exception. It's crocheted and looks so pretty when pared with my service dog vest or my nice warm pink sweater.

I love the fact it has a pretty wooden heart-shaped button on it and that it's nice and swishy.  The skirt is so cute and very well made. Just look how pretty it is.