Saturday, August 30, 2014

Silky Shiny Smooth

Liquid Neem Soap with Neem, Karanja, Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils

I love this Neem shampoo. It has a wonderful suds. Helps make those fleas run away. And even helps the two-leggers get rid of lice. This shampoo has tons of great stuff in it.

Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lard. Boy do I shine when I get a bath in this goodness.

Its' Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, SLS Free, Silicone Free  and has no preservatives.  I love natural products and use them every chance I get. See my human has lots of allergies and I have to look out for her.

This great stuff comes from Canada and helps me look my very best.

Man do I love the Honey Pot Herbals.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This collar is spooooooky

Hello everyone,

I  know you remember that sharky collar that I got. Well they sent me another fun collar that is cool and spooky and perfect for trick or treat.

If your parent is like mine you'll love having this set. It's creepy cool. With lots of HOWL-o-ween friends on it you will look your best for trick-or-treating.

My mama said humans say Trick-or-Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat. If you don't I don't care I'll pull down your underwear.

Well my toes smell like fritos, I love treats especially that Ice Cream my mama makes me but I don't wear undies.

I do like dressing up in nice clothes and costumes. I hope to get a hula skirt to wear for howl-o-ween this year so I can be hula girl and get lots of goodies.

What do you wanna be?

I think this is nice and strong for the night all those scary costumes are on and it will keep your human from getting scared and running off. We don't want them to get lost do we?

I think that this set is perfect because you can even get special webbing colors so I bet they have one to match your outfit.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Eco-Friendly Groom

Hello to my friends.

If you're like me you have to stay nice and clean and good smelli (i ng.

Well I have a great non toxic, planet friendly way to stay clean flea free, and fresh smelling.

Dry shampoo. Every dog loves dry shampoo and this one is amazing.

This dry shampoo has a funny name. No poo.

I love that it is all natural and has many uses. Shampoo, litter box freshener for the kitty friends, and my mama even used it to deodorize my bed.

Made with DE or Diatomaceous Earth  this all natural (the food grade) powder gets into the body of  a flea or tick and scratches them then they  dry out. I think it's super cool and it even tastes pretty good.

Did you  know DE even makes a great wormer? This is a miracle powder.

Anyway back to the No Poo. You can sprinkle it on and leave it or brush it out ( I love both ways and don't have a favorite)

They have two  great scents Lavender, or Cinnamon (I used the cinnamon )

It is 100% natural with all food grade products and even a nice clovey smell.

The scent seems to last a nice long time and is wonderful for a quick pick me up between sudsy baths.

I love that the package is 100% recyclable because it's good for our planet. That just makes my tail wag  wag wag.

 No Poo Pet Cleaner

Check out this pawsome smelling fur freshening no poo and get clean on the fly.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Washing Glove.

Hello fine friends,

I have this awesome grooming glove to tell you about. Now the color is a rich chocolaty brown, and these have a loop so they know their command STAY.

I love them because my mama can use them to dry me off when I have to potty and it's raining. She can also use them to wash my face, back and tummy so bath time is so much faster. I can get clean in a flash.

I like that they are soft and slip over her hands. Am I getting sudsed or am I getting petted.

With the low low price of $ 4 for a pair you can buy lots of sets.

One for the car, one for the bathroom, one for each door. You can even give sets to all your friends. These things make for a pawsome gift.

I wish they offered more colors but this is a good way to hide the dirt so if you have them by the door you can sneak and go longer with out a bath. I love that. While I take lots of baths as a service doggy I like to put it off long as I can. BOL. I just know you will want lots of sets for your self.

Check them out and tell them Daisy-Mae sent ya.

Viking Cool Leash Set.

Hi everyone.

I love collars and leashes like any other girl we have to have choices, and me I like to look my best. I even have a special vest that my mama's friend Jennifer made for me so I could go out to town events and have a way to show my town pride.

Well a very nice girl made me a custom leash and collar that is beautiful and matches my vest and brings out my town pride. LET'S GO VIKINGS.

The collar is so pretty and has my name embroidered on it. I love that is is both green and a nice bright yellow/gold and wide enough to be seen.  The leash matches it perfect and is a great length for a service dog to stay close enough to do their very important job.

I love that this set even has beads on it to make it extra pretty for us girls that like to look our best.

The work done is nice because this is super strong. My mama and her brother Drew pulled and snatched on this set and it even held my mama weight.

Wow it'nice and strong and this will help keep us and our people nice and safe. Strong, safe and high fashion too. Wow what else could you want.

Paracord is a very great tool to use on dog collars and leashes and it even works great for when you need survival tools. Did you know you can break down your super cool collar if you need to get buy in an emergency. Let's hope one never happens because I don't wanna loose my cool gear.

Please check back soon for an update. Review of head collar and bandannas coming soon.


Hello all my good smelling friends,

I got try some wonderful shampoo's the past few weeks. Boy are they great.

The white bar with pretty flecks in it smells amazing. It has oatmeal and rosemary in it and smells like lavender and rosemary and they help keep away the fleas. This shampoo has goats milk init and coconut oil. It even helped make my hot spot stop itching. I love natural pawducts.

There is a beautiful pretty light blue bar. It is made with shea butter, goats milk, and coconut oil.  And scented with cedarwood, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oils. This mix smells great and has a nice foamy lather.

Did you know that essential oils have healing proprieties? I loved learning that.

I also love the fact that this helps put the bugs on the run.

This bar has such a cute name. Nahni .I think that is a cute name and I bet it is named for a very special dog.

Nahni's Natural Dog Soap - Pest Repellent

That brings it to a much more vibrant blue bar that has lots of little flecks in it.

I think this bar may be the best of them all. It is called Foxy Roxy and that name just has to make you smile. With a wonder foam and great smell of puppermint, lavender, tea tree,and cedarwood you will smell like a tropical breeze and those fleas wouldn't dream of biteing you.

This soap is mint-tastic.

It is made with goats milk, and coconut oil and is sure to make your tail wag and your human smile.

Foxy Roxy Dog Soap - Pest Repellent

The brownie bar was named for a great puppy named Brownie, and this is a great addition to any self respecting dogs grooming kit.

It is made with Shea butter, goats milk,and coconut oil. It has the amazing smell of eucalyptus, tea tree, and cedarwood. While this bar may not be the brightest color it has the most amazing scent. I hope that you will give it a try because it makes the ticks and fleas run for the hills.

Brownie Bar Dog Soap - Pest Repellent

The last bar I need to tell you about is the Giget Glam bar. This is named after one of the owners dogs.

I like that name it's fun and playful.

I like the fact that this repels fleas and ticks. It also smells nice and sweet and kinda like citrus.

This soap has shea butter and goats milk and some wonderful coconut oil. The great smells of lavender tea tree and citronella round out this bar that is the perfect add-on to your spa day.

I think that you will like it as much as I do.

Gidgets Glam Bar Dog Soap - Pest Repellent

As you can see  all of these adorable bars come it a paw print bag. I love the fact it brings a nice shine and softness to your coat and helps with the itching due to all the good for you oils.

They even have some great smelling soaps for humans so your person won't feel left out.

Drift away to an island get away and enjoy a bath FilledWithAloha.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It's like a Greek getaway.


I have this awesomely refreshing doggy shampoo to tell you about. It is all sweet and minty at the same time. This shampoo has a luxurious scent and leaves you feeling super soft

It has tons of wonderful ingredients Spearmint and Peppermint oils just dissolve that dirt away. Apple cider vinegar and veggie oil to make you super shiny. This shampoo is 100% natural and even helps kick those icky fleas to the curb. This shampoo is bio-degradable so it won't hurt the earth and it will result in a happy, healthy smell good you.

Let me let you in on a little secret. It feels like this shampoo whisks you away on a Greek getaway. If I close my eyes I feel like I'm laying in the sand soaking up the sun on Samos.

If you want to fell as good as me there is a little give away. One bottle of human shower gel and dog shampoo (set). 1 lucky winner will be getting this wonderful set.

The scent will be of your choice.

Bath Petals – Greek Honey Mint Pet Shampoo, 16 FL OZ U.S. / 448 ml e