Thursday, May 21, 2015

For Service Dogs Only.

All of my fellow Service Dogs can relate.  Many times the public and business owners jsut don't understand the do's and don'ts about access.

This nifty folded double side card will tell them in a very quick friendly but professional way exactly what they can and can't ask.

I think they are a super great price and that every service dog needs to keep some in their vest.

The card has a quick discription of what a service dog is. A discription of what a service dog is not. A reminder to respect our person. Info that we are not required to have identification, the two questions that can be asked.

This card also has a thank you for welcoming us in to a buisness.

The back of the card reminds you that not all disabilities are visible so this is a great add on to the card You won't believe how often my mama hears  "Youre Not Sick"
You don't look disabled."

This little gem should make life much easier on us and you if you get a card too.

15 for $10
5 for $6

I will remind my mama to take pictures for the post tomorrow.

Frame it up

I really love decking out our car, and showing people how pawsome service dogs are.

See as a service dog theres a lot resting on my paws. I have to take care of my mama by making sure I let her know before she gets sick so she won't hit her head. I help her owchies go away by laying on them, I have to open doors by hitting a button when she uses her wheelchair and help her find her mama if she gets confused. See that's a lot of work for one dog.

I also have to deal with dummies barking at me and meowing. Man do they look dumb.

I can't try to eat the yummy smelling food at the grocery store or when my people go out to eat.

I even have to walk through busy busy parking lots.

See that's a lot of hard work and I want the word to know how special I really am. Thats where  this cool plate frame comes in handy.

This plate frame is made of plastic and has nice wording on it. I picked out "When God Created The Service Dog He Was Just Showing Off"

BOL Thats so silly but so true.

I love how simple it is to put onto your car and can you believe the letters are reflective so they can be seen at night. Thats just awesome.

This company does great work and has a pretty quick shipping time. Truly worth the wait and with more than 2000 frames to pick I bet you find the perfect one for your car.

Tag you're it.

I usually tell you all about pawducts that bonifit my fellow canines. This one though is to make your car look cool.

We all know those silly humans think the car belongs to them BOL. They are so funny.

With these tags everyone will know it's all yours.

See my tag lets the whole world know that service dogs are pawsome. You can get one made with your name too. I bet they can even do a custom one with your picture.

Now if you want to you can even get one special that talks about your humans personality.

The turn-a-round time is super fast and the quality is amazing.

I love that the tag came from Myrtle Beach. My  mama and I love to visit there so maybe oneday we will get to see the nice people who made the tag for me.

The price is great too. Just $16.99 and it's truly worth it. This can help you tell your car apart from all the others in the parking lot.

The tag does not come with the screws to put it on but those are easy to get.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Make the car look cool.

Hello everyone.

Now I know I normally tell you about doggy products, but I got something special the other day.

You see a few days ago, my mamas car died. Our Aunt Debbie, who is an awesome Sunday school teacher gave us her old Jimmy when she got a newer car. This replaced our dead one.

The Jimmy had a decal on it that was a cross and said John 3.16. Aunt Debbie was sad because she missed that on her car.

We looked around a bit, and found one that was even better. You see this one had three crosses, and John 3.16.

I love that it's really pretty and religious.  I love how easy they are to work with. How friendly they are, and the super quality.

Even better the shipping is very quick.

This thing goes on lickity split and is easy as pie.

Clean and area then follow the simple instructions and you're done.

Now you may say that the religion ones aren't for you, but not to worry. They have lots lots more.

This made Aunt Debbie so happy.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Prepare for the worst. But hope you never need it.

I got this super amazing red bag that's all about staying safe.

Upset tummy your covered. Eat something bad for you they can help with that too. See if your person must be ready to help you at all times. This nifty bag ccan do just that.

This bag is not a substitute for going to the vet but can give you extra time if you do get hurt.

This is a 6 X 6 bag an boy is it packed full.

You get:

Dog first aid and CPR guide by the super smart and friendly Denise Fleck (the maker of this kit)

A barkcode ID tag to put on your collar so you can get home safe

Some skin cleaner so your person wont have icky germs when they fix you up.

An emergency blanket to help protect you.

One-Size-Fits-all temporart muzzle with instructions on how to use it. becayse some times even the best dog bites when hurt

A flat leash with D ring that can also make a harness for walking into the vet or when you leash or collar breaks.

8 oz of peroxide this has so many uses.

a pair of gloves so your person can keep things clean.

Styptic powder and cotton swabs (with instructions) this comes in handy if you get a boo boo when your person cuts your nails.

Tweezers to get out splinters or bits of glass.

A 12cc curved tip syringe this is good to squirt medicine in your mouth or to clean a cut.

bandageing tape

bandiging tools like gauze vet wrap and burn pads

topical medication like antibotic ointment, hydrocrotisone cream, iodine swabs, and antiseptic towelettes

Triangular bandage to make a splint if you get a really bad owie

Oral medications like asprin, antiacid and allergy medication

Dehydrated pumpkin and apple fiber to help with intestant issues

A quick tip quide

canine calm to help in storms

a cpr shield so we dont get human germs (ewww)

a baggy for treats, or to put poos or pukes in.

an icepack

eye wash incase our eye gets trash in it

a thermometer and gel to help it take our temp

a tick remover to get those nasty suckers

and sissors to cut the bandages.

Did you know that April is pet safety month?  I think that should be every single month. I love the fact that this pack is easy to grab and take with you. They also have packs for your kitty friends. Bigger packs for you more active dogs too. I hope that when you buy this that it just sits collecting dust and that you never need it but it's so much better to be prepared and not need it than to not have it and need it.

The nice lady who makes this even teaches pet CPR classes and has taught THE PIT BOSS. Now that's awesome.  I wonder if Shortys 4 legged crew gave her kisses and tail wags?

I honestly love this product and I know that you will too.

If you use someting from this pack they are so easy to replace with the replacement kit. With the convience of this why not order several and give them to all your friends. As for all you dog walkers and doggy baby sitters this is a must have. You really need to be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Maybe a guitar man my mama likes to listen to will buy one of these kits because he has lots of doggies. Mr. Frank Iero we're calling you out.

Mrs. Fleck has worked with some really amazing people in her life, doing things like handleing press for two of my mamas favorite actors of all time.  Mr. Tom Hanks and Mr. Johnny Depp. She worked with Paramount Pictures but gave all of that up to help animals and their people.  You have to really follow your heart to do something like that.  I wonder if she might know another actor that my mama really likes, Mr. Peter Facinelli.  Either way someone like this has a heart of gold and reallt wants to help animals be safer. She teaches pet CPR and first aid classes to lots of people and has even written a childrens book. Mrs. Fleck we at bragginbarks are sending you doggy kisses and tail wags.

Monday, April 20, 2015

This is so handi

This company that I need to tell you about is really great. They sell easy to use handi packs that are great to travel with.
I tried several of their products and just love them.
This is something that every dog needs because well poop happens. The pack has things to make clean up a breeze because no one wants to step in icky poo.
This pack has plastic gloves so your person can slide their hands in the, then a hand into a poop bag also included and pick up the poop. Then after throwing it away they clean up with included handi wipes. Best thing ever is a water bowl so you can get a quick drink if you get hot. All of this for the low price of $1.00
They even have potty packs for people. Have you dogs seen the inside of public human potties. Those things are nasty. I'm glad that this pack has the good things of gloves for putting on to clean the potty seat with a alcohol wipe before putting down a seat cover so the ickies don't get on their butts. Theres even a handi wipe for them to clean their paws before leaving the potty. This great pack is just $0.75
I love the wonderful Summer time pack that they have. Some great things in this pack. I love it because it has things that can help my mama. It has some lip balm to help her lips not dry out. Sunscreen to help keep that owchy burn away. Bug repellent to get rid of the buzzing bugs. Theres also an absorbent towel that helps get the sweat out of their faces. Sometimes they get an owchy burn and this helps keep them a bay. If they happen you need to help them rub this on so that they wont hurt for long. $1.50
We also go to test out a pack that is perfect for the rainy days.It had something called a poncho. This looks like a plastic bag but it has arm holes and holes for their head and a hood to keep it nice and dry. There are also booties that helps keep their shoes dry that can keep their toes dry and the floors clean when they go into the carpet area. There's also a towel to use so they can dry off their hands and face. This thing is really really cool.  This pack is an affordable $1.50

I really love these packs because they are easy to put into your persons pocket or into a backpack. At these prices you can afford one for every one in your family.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's like Christmas.

I got a wonderful goodie box in the mail the other day and boy do I love it. This is like Christmas every single month.

Natural grain free treats like

  Bully sticks, also known as beef pizzles, pizzle sticks, beef sticks, steer stix, are made from 100% bull penises. These are a single ingredient treat that last a long time and are very high value. 

Theres also great bistro inspired treats. I love these because they are raw based just seasoned slightly and dehydrated. I love them. Such wonderful crunch.

They also had some great jerky treats that smelled so yummy I thought my mama was gonna eat them. This was very tender and tasty.

The box also included some Yacky Bites. This is a super yummy treat that I really enjoy. I love that is was made with Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. This thing was really good. Better than popcorn even.

For $35 you would think theses treats are the only thing that came in this box but NO. There was more. This thing must be magical to be able to hold all these things.

It had two super fun toys. 

A Kong Wubba. Now Kong is a very well known brand of dog toys that last a really long time. They are super cool.

I also got a special squeeky teddy bear. I love this thing because it's so soft. 

You may think WOW all that for only $35 what a great deal. Well that's not the only thing you get for that price.

I also got some awesome poo bag holder, and 2 rolls of earthrated poo bags. See it's yucky to leave your poo laying around for people to step in. Earth rated bags are better for the planet so these are the ones to use. I love how the holder velcros to the leash.

I also love that they included a poison control hotline sticker and a sticker for my front door to let firefighters know animals are inside.

This is a super box full of wonderful things and you can get it for small, medium sized, or large dogs. 

They even have them for cats.

I will be doing a follow up next month to show you how this box changes month to month. 

Usually these boxes are $35 but I can get you a deal of $25 for a 1 month subscription if you order by 4/19/15.  You can also get this deal for larger subscription times too. What a great thing. 

Coupon code is below.


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Start entering now. I will announce the name of a winner for a

1 month subscription on June 1st. You will get a 1 month box

this will arrive around June 15th.

Open to dogs small-large and cats too.

GOOD LUCK. Post below telling me why you think that you

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Link to the site is the photo below.