Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I'm a smart cookie.

Hello everyone I need to tell you about one of the most pawsome treats ever. It's totally custom or you can use one of their premade blends. It even looks like growlnola. 

These treats are oh so yummy and very good for you. Best of all they are made in America.

While they do have premade blends and that's what I tried you can do totally custom treats.

Pick a protein- 

Salmon. Chicken,or Beef

Pick a carb- 

Oats, Barley, Brown Rice, or Quinoa 

Pick a fruit and veggie-

Carrot Cranberry or Green bean Blueberry

All of these are really good for you. In fact I will tell you a bit about each great ingredient. 


Chicken- This is a lean very easy to digest protein that tastes so good. I love the fact that it helps support the immune system. What a great way to stay healthy.

Beef- This tastes so good and helps your body tissue repair and it builds muscles. It's pretty yummy too. While not as lean as fish or chicken it is still very good for you.

Salmon- This is my favorite meat of all. It tastes very good and is high in the good fats. Omega 3 and 6. It helps your immune system and gives a brain boost. A very smart treat for a very smart dog.


Oats- This is very high in fiber and helps reduce the chance of an allergic reaction. It tastes pretty good too.

Barley- This is a low fat complex carb that helps reduce inflammation.  I love the flavor. Barley is very good for you.

Quinoa- This is a very nutrition dense carb that tastes amazing. And for all you doggies on a gluten free diet this is the carb for you. 

Brown rice- This is very easy to digest and also a bit nutty. This carb is also gluten free. 

Fruits and Veggies. 

Green Beans and Blueberries - These are very high in antioxidants and that is very good for you. 
They are also high in the very important vitamins of A and C. 

Carrot and Cranberry- This is good for your urinary tract and full of beta carotene. They taste great and are packed with so many good for you nutrients. 


Prima Dogena- This blend would have to be my favorite. Salmon, Barley, Cranberry and Carrot. It is very tasty and perfect for all you divas out there. 

Sports Dog- This blend is very tasty. Beef, Quinoa, Carrot and Cranberry. This treat is action packed for dogs always on the go. 

The Survivor- This treat is nothing like that silly show Survivor. A yummy blend of Chicken Oats Green beans and Blueberries. I love the taste and the low fat content makes me feel less guilty wanting to gobble them up. 

Brewery Blends 

They also have great treats that use spent grain from local breweries. 

Copper Kettle- Located in Denver they teamed up with Smart Cookie to bring great handmade treats with spent grain salmon green beans and blueberries.

Dry Dock- They teamed up with Smart cookie to bring you a treat featuring salmon carrots and cranberries.

Though the name "spent"  may sound misleading, brewers spent grain (known as "BSG") is 

highly nutritious containing high levels of protein and fiber.


They even have some really yummy jerky made from rabbit. I love the flavor and would do anything for some of that. They are lower in cholesterol fat and calories than meat like chicken or beef. They are perfect for dogs with allergies as rabbit is hypo-allergenic. 


Protein- builds up your muscles, organs and glands. 

Hypo-allergenic- This mean this is less likely to cause an allergic reaction

Carb-give energy to all the cells in your body

Cholesterol- This is another word for the fat that is found in your blood. 

Antioxidants- Super-heroes that help battle free radicals in your body

Free Radicals- These are bad guys that can make you sick.


The price of the treats is very fair. $10 for 9 oz of non jerky treat,
$15 for 3 oz of Jerky.

This pretty dog is Sam. She is the CTO (thats Cheif Tasting Officer) but I think she is the boss.
She has been tasting and approving the treats since she was 8 weeks old. A beautiful 2 year old Golden Retriever.

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click the cookie 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Grooming again

I have some wonderful grooming supplies to tell you about from a great company that has been around for a really long time.

They are called Bio-Groom and the shampoos and other products are very gentle.

I love the ear cleaner they have never felt so clean. I also loved the White Ginger shampoo. That is my mamas favorite one because she loves ginger.

They have so many great grooming supplies shampoo, conditioner, smell good spray, ear cleaner and so much more.

I am going to tell you a bit about the history company and this is taken from their website.

In 1971, a brilliant, determined chemist named Claus Pohl was on a mission. He had a makeshift lab down in the basement of his home in Longview Texas. A friend had asked if he could develop a flea and tick pet shampoo superior to what was on the market. The friend was a groomer and was dissatisfied with the shampoos available. Claus took the request seriously. He had emigrated from Germany with his family in 1954, and in 1958 became a U.S. citizen. Facing a new and exciting challenge with determination and self-reliance was certainly not new to him. He had settled in a strange new world and became a successful chemist for a Texas company. Claus welcomed the friend’s request. He spent all his spare time developing a new shampoo that would completely satisfy his friend. He wanted a shampoo to clean thoroughly and gently plus kill fleas and ticks. He also wanted one that would renew moisture to the skin and coat. He was adamant that his formula would not strip the natural oils and it would leave the coat silky soft and shiny. Claus was a perfectionist who set high standards. His shampoo had to be the best. He was going to develop a shampoo safe for pets and the earth. He was environmentally friendly before it came into fashion. The end results surpassed his friends expectations. The word spread and soon Claus had a steady stream of requests for his shampoo. Production at that time meant mixing up batches in the basement and carefully filling bottles by hand. Before long he put the family to work taking orders and filling bottles.
In 1975 the business was moved into its own building after outgrowing the home. Claus developed additional products and the company established a reputation for premium products and quality service! Claus’s son Frank had a vision for growth and bought a section of land on Redmon Road. They broke ground for new facilities in 1986 and moved into them in 1987. The new location included the business offices, manufacturing plant, warehouse and laboratories. Four additional expansions to these facilities have taken place since 1987. Today Bio-Derm Laboratories develops, manufacturers, and ships over 60 products to 68 countries. Claus passed away in 1994, and his son Frank is now president of the company. Frank worked with his father from the beginning filling bottles and putting on caps down in the basement. He was by his father’s side along the way, and recognized the growth opportunities for the company. His vision has been achieved and today the name of Bio-Groom is recognized for quality grooming products world wide. The company has two chemists. The plant and warehouse are constantly busy preparing product for shipping. The founding philosophy is the same today as it was in the beginning:

As you can see this company has been around for a while, and they are family owned. I think this is amazing because we need to support businesses like this.

I love how gentle they are and how great they work. They suds great and rinse very easy.

They help me look amazing and that is very important for service dogs. We have to be perfectly groomed.

Don't be a chump check out Crumps

Hello everyone I got three awesome treats in the mail.

They are from Canada and boy are they're so yummy. While they have lots of great flavors I just got to taste three of them.

I tasted Baked Beef Liver, and it's great. The treats are from 100% of federally inspected Canadian beef. With such a great crunchy texture that can be broken into little bits for training. The flavor is so great and I love the flavor because it really makes me want to listen to everything that my people ask me to do.

I also got sweet potato chews. While I usually don't like sweet potato these taste yummy. I love them because they are crunchy and so tasty. Full of good for you vitamins. This is a treat that I had to share with my friends Jessiegirl and Chloe. They told me they are some of the best treats they have ever had.

My favorite of all were the beef tender sticks. Made from 100% beef these are great if you are allergic to corn or wheat. I loved the rich meaty flavor and the satisfying crunch.

I would love the chance to taste all the other flavors from Crumps Naturals. I bet that they are all this drool pooling yummy. Get those puppy eyes to work friends this is something that you will really enjoy and your person will not feel guilty to give to you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Meaty and Minty

Hi everyone if you are like me you will just adore these treats.

They have very limited natural and healthy ingredients.

The smiling dog treats are made with real raw meat so be sure to have your humans wash their paws after using these. :)

I really love that they have lots of flavors and these are a very high value treat. I got to taste the beefey one but I bet they are all just great.

The fact that they are grain free make them easier on the tummy.

These treats will really get your tail wagging and your human won't need to feel guilty about giving them to you because there are no bad icky things in them.

No fillers, no grain and no yuck what could be better?

Maybe the good for your teeth treats. They are crunchy minty and just taste great, I love the flavor of
 spearmint and parsley. These things help keep your breath nice and fresh and the great crunch helps get rid of all that icky plaque.

Did you know February is Dental care month? Well celebrate with a good tooth brushing and a yummy crunchy mintyfresh Dogbreath treat.

This company even has great products for cats and horses.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dream Come True.

Hello paw pals,

I have this really yummy treat to talk about. They are adorable too.

So many great shapes.

Apple, Carob, and Peanut Butter all flavors that any dog worth their wagging tail will tell you are

They even have some of the most adorable decorated treats.

The carob treats that I got are oh-so-cute and taste great. Carob is chocolate for dogs, and everyone knows us girls love our chocolate. These treats come in 3 great shapes/sizes.  I love the crunchy crunchy yummyness.

Peanut butter training treats are an awesome way to learn your new skills like puppy push-ups and even tucking under chairs. That's something that every single service dog should know.

The apple treats are shaped so cute just like apples my girl likes to eat They are super yummy too. I love the way they  crunch and are nice and fresh tasting.  My girl would describe it as crisp. 

As you can see treat dreams is a dream come true.

Great Taste Great Cause

Hello everyone,

I have some pawesome treats. The humans say they are "EWWW STINKY" but I think they are amazing.

The flavor I got is Salmon. Boy do I love this because it's fish and I love fish.

The treats taste super good. I think it's partially due to the natural ingredients and the cage free eggs. The other cause is from the magic they help cause for homeless pets.

This is a small companuy from Chicago, I love the people who make these treats because they do the right thing and give back. They donate 3.5% of every sale (up to 15% of their total profit) of every product every day. They started the High Hopes Foundation and use the money to help save animals in shelters.
That helps make these treats taste super amazing good.

They have cupcake mixes so you can bake treats at home with your person.
They also have tons of great treat flavors that I know you will just love.

Check out this great company.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Showing my Disney Side.

My mama loves the Disney channel and has even been to Disney world 3 times, all before she got me.  Well if we ever get to go back as a family I'm ready. I got this super fun collar and leash set that is such a bright yellow and features Minnie Mouse.

See that is one of the best Disney characters ever..well except for Jack and Sally.. everyone loves them.

This set came from the nice people at Dog Collars Boutique. They have a site that is very easy to find your way around and a huge selection that is always changing.

Like sports? They have gear for you. Like cartoons? well they have that too,

This shop even has doggy shoes that light up when you walk to make night time walks much better... they help you be safe in the dark.

The customer service team is amazing and super friendly too.

My mama talked to a nice lady named Erica who helped me get this super nice set. I wonder if I give her my puppy eyes if I can get a pair of those cool shoes. My size is 2.5 inches.  I also would just dance over the shirt Can't hold my licker.. I think that is so funny because I just love to give kisses. I really hope for that in a black 3 xl size shirt..and a matching bright pink large bandanna. Hint Hint Mrs. Erica.  I'll send you puppy kisses and tail wags for more pawsome goodies.

The clip on this collar is super strong but isn't tough on my mama's fingers and the clip on the leash is nice and heavy but not too heavy for my neck.

Move over Daisy Duck there's a new Daisy in town and I'll steel everyones hearts if I ever go to the park.

Check out with their huge selection from everything from collars to shoes to shampoo and all things in between you won't be sorry, and drop in and tell the nice customer service team HI from Daisy-Mae.