Friday, June 26, 2015

Parapoop bag holder

Hello all my fantastic fur friends.

I have this epically cool poop bag holder to tell you about. It's woven like a little basket baggy and made from paracord so it's super strong and makes you look really cool too.

The super talented person who made it has so many colors to choose from that it made my head spin trying to pick them out. I decided to go with Day glow  for the bag and a glow in the dark option for the draw string.

I love it too because it matches my totally pawsome service dog vest that my mama got as a present from a friend.

This vest shows town pride and so does the green and yellow of the day glow paracord.

How COOL is that. I bet seeing how pawsome this is will just make you drool.

They do really great work and they are easy to use.

Open the bag up poke a roll off poo bags in it pull one through a  little hole in the paracord bag pull the drawstring closed and off you go ready for adventure.

It makes your human picking up your poops less gross. Because at least they have a cool bag holder.

The bags hold 25 ft of paracord that in the event of an emergency can be unwoven to use and they may very well save your life.

The following photos taken from their site to show all the colors they have to offer.

They have some really great prices too standard cord $8
Reflective cord $11
and glow cord $18

 Im sure if you want to be like me and just get the pullstrap done in glow or reflective that they can work a special price for you.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gift box

I got this super pawtastic box in the mail the other day. It was filled with so many great fun things.

Treats, a long lasting chew and a fun toy all themed for Jurassic World.

I love the way this box came. It looked just like a present. They even wrote my name on it. Now isn't that pawsome. I love when things have my name on them.

When my mama opened it the box had cute paper with paws in presents all over it and the coolest dino sticker ever, RAWR.

Inside the box was a cool card that told us all about the goodies in the box. This month was Jurassic Bark. 

I loved the toy in it. My Rexie. He is soft but not too soft and even squeeks. I like tossing him all over the house. I even hit my mama in the face with it. Im glad he wasn't hard because then that would have hurt her.

 This super yummy long lasting treat is a turkey foot. To me it looks like a raptor claw.

The treats pictured here are some of the best cookies ever.  Dino tracks. It looks just like foot prints. Did the dinos come out the movie and step on the cookies??

These bars are TASTY I'd do anything for one of them. I call them my candy bars. I happen to like beef better than the chicken but they are both pawtastic.

Last but not least is some of the nicest treats I have ever been able to taste.They are even gluten free. Careful they smell sooo good your human may wanna eat them.

As you can see these boxes are filled with so many goodies your tail will wag.

Be sure to go to and sign up today. I have a coupon code that you really need to take advantage of because everyone loves to save money.


this will save you a whole 25% off the cost of your first box and is good till September.

I really think you need to try it out because this box really got my tail to wagging. Who wouldn't love toys and treats delevered to their dog house every single month,

What a fun way to try new pawducts!

This box is fairly new and totally worth the money. Shipping is quick and they even provided us with a tracking number.

Packaging is cute with the tag that had my name written on it.

Products are high quality.

They even offer boxes for kitty friends.

I love the fact that every single month is themed diffrent so that makes it a super fun suprise.

The website is super easy to use.

When you sign up you click Get a box
choose dog or cat
fill in all the other info
and then lickity split your fist box will be at your door.

It's so easy even a cat can do it. BOL

This box is easily worth the money.  and remember use code DaisyMae for a whopping 25% off your first box. If you get a year subscription the normal price is $17.99 a month.

The first box would be $13.49

then every month after that $17.99

That is an amazing deal. DaisyMae < ------ Coupon Code good till Sept.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dogs want condiments too

Humans love things like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and bbq sauce to make their food taste better. Sadly that stuff isn't good for dogs. Or at least that was until the tasty healthy Petchup came on the market.

They sent me some to taste and boy oh boy let me tell you it's YUMMY.

Dry kibbles get so boring day after day after day always being the same taste. This stuff makes our food taste great and the best part besides all the fun flavors and silly names is that it adds extra health bone-i-fits to make it even better for us.

First I'll tell you about the yummy pork flavored Bark-B-Q sauce.

This is a photo of the back label so that you can see all the good stuff that's hidden in that pawsome bottle.

I also love that it's made in the USA. To keep this great stuff fresh you need to store all open bottles in the fridge. This stuff smells great and I had to gobble it down because my mama cooked food out on the grill. When she does that she likes to use B-b-q sauce and I didn't want her to eat mine up. 

I love the flip top. This makes it so easy to add it to your kibbles to get things measured just right so you get the perfect amount. 

Now when my mama has a turkey sandwich she likes to use mayo. Dogs can't have that because the humans say that it's way too fatty for us. Well B.O.L the jokes on them. The super smart people at Petchup took the same good stuff from the Bark B Q flavor and made it taste just like turkey. 
This adds more flavor to our kibble. More options. 

This flavor adds so much great taste to the normal every day kibble. I love that. 

Like with the bark-b-q once it's open keep it in the fridge so it stays nice and fresh. 

Now when the humans eat hot dogs they love to put mustard on it. That stuff smells soooo good but they are gready and won't share that great smelling yellow stuff. I got a secret. Sush come close and I'll tell you. We got something called Muttstard. While the humans get something thats kinda tangy we get one that has the yummy goodness of salmon. That fish is so good for us and so is this condiment. 

As you can see this stuff comes in the same great easy use bottles that go right in the fridge. Careful if you have any kitty friends they may just try to steal this. Silly cats get your own they have blends that are great for kitties. 

Last but not least is the great beefy taste of the original Petchup. When humans eat that plain old boring ketchup on their fries we get the beefy yum of petchup. 

I love these products because they are oh so yummy but they also add extra vitamins to your diet and help you be healthy. They also make kibble taste so much better in an easy way. Or you can even add it to water for a refreshing great taste.

This great company gives back to help animals in need. 

*Taken from their site*
Besides working to give our pets a happier, healthier life through our product, we are also involved in the well-being and care of animals in our communities. We regularly give time, profits and/or product to local shelters and other organizations that care for our furry friends. We also use the power of social media to help spread the word about cats or dogs that just need a good home.
We believe that pets are a crucial part of our happy lives, so it’s important to do all we can to make sure they are well taken care of. Below is a partial list of the organizations we work with. Please take time to inform yourself of these partners and give if you can.

As you can see.. you need to give this a try.

Note: All photos taken from their site. My mama got some sample packs for me and couldn't get a great shot of them. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stuck on you

Boy do I have this cool thing to tell you about.

I got a nice gift in the mail the other day and it was to go on our car.

It was those super cool super cute window stickers. One of them was me but the nice lady messed up a little bit and my ears are floppy but I have a kitty on me on the sticker. How did she know I love kitties?

We also got a cool one of me in my vest that says Service dogs are Pawsome... wow Im lucky. People all over will know just how cool I really am now. Sadly my ears laydown in that picture too but thats ok I still look COOL.

We also got some other super cute ones.

A dolphin and waves that my mamas brother put on her cup because he knows she likes dolphins...and sharkies. Im tellin you this nice lady must be magic if she knows all this cool stuff about us.

We also got a nice sticker of a horsey. Now we dont  have one but we do like them and we know a nice lady who has one. So we will give her a pretty present for her truck.

We got one of a pretty it's not a chicken like my friend Red but it's still pretty pawsome.

We even got another cat and dog one that I think I may give to my papa cause he loves me and he had kitties. HI CLEO.

They have so many super cool window stickers that I know you will find one you love.

Like maybe the cool one of the pet dog who has no vest.. like we got too. My mama put that one on her computer.

Those things are super easy to put on just follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. This is a pawsome way to express yourself.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Love that Pack

I got another great pawpack to  tell you about. This one came with treats, a body spray that smells pawsome, and a great toy.

This time my pawpack got lost in the mail and my heart broke but not to worry. My mama got on her computer contacted the nice people behind the pack.

They looked and saw that it went missing and guess what. . they got a new one out to me in no time. They sent the new one by UPS.

I love the big brown trucks they are so nice and they bring goodies to me.

Anyway back to the box.

This one had a BIG bully stick and I crunched and munched and chewed away. They say they last a long time but I ate mine in 15 min.  POWER CHEWER.

Those things are super yummy and well worth the money. Two in a row... I think they may come in each box.

Then I saw that my mama got a sticker. She loves loves loves stickers.

This one says Wag more bark less and thats a good message for any dog to live by.

 Do you see my totally pawtastic cow toy. I love that thing it's so fun to toss it around the house and its soft enough I can wack my mama with it. BOL.

We got some really yummy beef and spinach treats in the box a whole big bag of them and these things taste yummy. I love that leaffy green goodie.

 These treats are nice and soft and shaped so fun. Stars, clouds and suns.

The last goodie in the box was some yummy smelling pawfume rosemary mint. My mama has an herb garden and these are some of my favorite smells that come from it how did they know????   See me licking my lips. That stuff smelled good enough to eat.

As you can see this box is full of fun fun fun.
Sadly not too long ago there was a BAD earthquake thats when the ground moves and shakes.

So many animals lost their homes. Pawpack this month he helping give back so the animals have vet care and a place to go. THANKS PAW PACK.

Check back later to see who won that free box.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nifty Knitting

I have to tell you about this pawsome poo bag holder I got the other day. It's custom made with pink and green stripes and works great for my service dog vest.

This thing is super cool and looks like those bags that the humans use to put grocery bags in.

Now you may think it's silly for a human to pick up our poop. After all it's just poop.

Did you know that poop can spread yucky diseases. It can also mess up peoples shoes. Some dogs that aren't well cared for have icky worms. This can make healthy dogs and even people sick.

If people keep leaving poop around some places may stop people from having dogs and that would just be sad.

It makes places smelly and less pretty to look at too.

It's super easy to train your person to pick up your poop.

First of all use those puppy eyes to get them to feed you. Then just wait. Let them know "HEY I GOTTA POTTY" Then after you go wait... if they pick it up, thats a good human and they should be rewarded with a nice big kiss. People like our kisses so this will teach them to pick up that poop.

Did you know that in some cities it's illegal to leave the poop where it falls? They could use that money to buy you treats so make sure they pick up the mess.

See it's not that hard and with a cute, cool , 1 of a kind made with love bag like this you can pick it up in style.

If you ever see someone and their poops and they don't clean it up you can walk right over give them a bag and tell them that "The right thing to do is pick up the poo"

I love that she even gave my mama something that our Aunt Kay calls a coffee cup cuff. Even though my mama hates coffee.

She LOVES hot tea and this is perfect for her travel mug. It makes it look super cute. I love this for her because it made her smile. She was feeling silly so she put it on her wrist B.O.L

The nice lady who made this is super talented and so nice too.


Friday, May 29, 2015

The shirt says it all

Lots of people know that they aren't supposed to pet Service Dogs while we are working, but few know exactly why. Even less understand that they shouldn't DISTRACT us in ANY WAY. 

You may be asking, Daisy-Mae what counts as a distraction?? That's actually pretty simple. 
Petting is a distraction but so is talking to us, calling us by name, makeing direct eye contact with us or actions in the attempt to get our attention , like a funny sound. 
So, now to the question everybody wants to ask…WHY? Why can't I play with the dog? I like dogs.The simple answer is that we are here to keep our partner safe. When we get distracted we are not paying attention to our job and our disabled human handler could very easily get hurt, ending up broken and bleeding. Or even worse.  Broken and bleeding is BAD. You can’t pet Service Dogs because it’s distracting, and if a working dog is distracted because of something you do and our  handler gets sick or injured, it’s your fault. You could have to pay medical bills or even go to jail.

So what should you do when you encounter a Service Dog team? You should simply ignore the dog completely. Pretend that we simply aren't there. Interact with the human partner as you would any other person.

“But? Shouldn’t I at least say hi? Isn’t it rude not to at least say hello?” NO. Read that again. NO. JUST PRETEND WE AREN'T THERE. Rest assured that the human partner will not think you are rude for ignoring their dog. Instead, they will marvel at your stellar Service Dog etiquette! Wouldn't you rather they think highly of you?

And while it's never appropriate to pet us without permission, some people may allow you to do so. So what's the best way to greet a person with a service dog? Easy talk to the person first. Introduce yourself, and always put our human partner first before you ask anything about us. f the answer is no you can't pet don't get upset just say "O.k"  and walk away.

Now a lot of service dogs like myself we wear patches that say DO NOT PET.I really love that this nice person made a shirt that explains things a bit to people and that it's a shirt for my mama. I also love that the back points out that not all disabilities are visible. This shirt fits my mama great and it's super well made. It's short and to the point but not rude. Also it's cute but is still very professional