Saturday, November 29, 2014

Double Duty Tag

Hello everyone.

I have this great tag that I got in the mail the other day. It's really cool, but..sushhhhh it has a secret. Can I trust you??

Good I thought so. See this tag is a bottle opener too. See this tag really does double duty.

I love that it is super sturdy and that it's oh so cute.  The bottle opener part even looks like a bone.

My mamas grandpa said that he wishes he had something that cool to put on his keys.. I think he may try and take mine...

This tag has my name on it and my phone number to help me get home if I ever get lost. This is every dogs worst nightmare. To turn around and our person be gone. With this tag you can get home lickity-split.

If you want to you can even order something for your human so I may have to trade the nice people behind the tags some bags of treats so I can get one for everyone for Christmas. I'd need 10 then all my favorite people would have one for a present.

They even make sets for wedding party gifts.

This shop has something for everyone. After all pet tags and keychains come in super handy.

Retro Rover

Hello everyone.

I got this super cool basket that has the cutest cover ever. And even had a waterbottle for my mama in it. This basket is a nice sturdy metal and the cover is bright and frilly. It even has bones on it so people know that it belongs to me and they can't have it.

I love it so much and it perfect for tossing some bowls a few treats and a few days of food in for visiting my mamas grandparents house.

I really love it and the fact that I got a cute bandanna to match. I hope hope that I can get a sleeping bag to match the stuff because the bright colors make my mama happy.

She said that I'm a hippy hound.

The nice lady even has a special touch because with the high quality you can see that she loves dogs a lot because the beautiful quality of everything.

The basket even allows for you to take the cover off and wash it so it's always ready to dash out the door on an adventure.

If this print isn't for you that's ok I'd bet all my kibbles that she can make something you will love.

The baskets come in a few options large and small both filled and unfilled and even a groomers basket.  I just know there's something you will love,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Powder Power

This little green powder tastes great and really packs a punch.

This is made with Wheat grass, Barley Grass, Nettle, Nutritional Yeast, Spirulina, Vitamin C, Lecithin granules and is really helpful. 

This adds  vitamin B to the diet and this helps absorb all the nutrients from your food and this helps you get more energy. Even better this won't hurt your kitties if they sneak a bite. 

This works better with a raw diet but I just put it on my kibbles. I did follow the nice lady behind the powders secret power and told my mama to look into the freeze dried foods on the market and she said she would. 

This powder helps make me feel much much better and I have much more energy since I have been eating it.

To use it you put a teaspoon of powder per 10 lbs body weight on your food then gobble it down.

Whimsical Fun

These treats called Whimzees are super yummy and fun. See they are very hard and help scrape the ickies off your teeth so they stay nice and clean.

I love the great taste and while I love meaty tastes and the fact gluten doesn't hurt me I am so glad these treats are meat and gluten free. This makes it so more of my great friends can use the treats.

These treats come in great shapes and lots of sizes.

Extra Small - XS is for dogs 5lbs to 15lbs and comes in the great fun shapes

Toothbrush, Stix,  and even Alligators but the Alligators are for 10-15lb dogs.

Small - S is for dogs 15-25 lbs and comes in lot of guuuuurate shapes

Toothbrush, Stix, Alligator, Veggie Ear, Rice Bone, and Crossbone. Some can have the hedgehog if they are at least 20 lbs

Medium is for dogs 25-40lbs and comes in

Toothbrush, Hedgehog, Stix, Alligator marked as large, Veggie Ear, Rice Bone, and Crossbone.

Large is for dogs my size 40-60lbs  and comes is awesome shapes.

Toothbrush, hedgehog, Stix ,Alligator, and rice bone.

Then Extra Large- XL for bigger dogs 60+ lbs  they come in shapes like

Toothbrush, Hedgehog marked large, and Stix marked large.

I wish they had treats for jumbo dogs like my friend Vader. He's a great dane and would need at least 100+ lbs.

My mama really loves the bag. They close with velcro and it helps with her joint pains.

These treats come all the way from Holland and they really get my tail wagging.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Movie star good looks.

Hello everyone.

I have a super cute new scarf  to tell you about. It has leopard spots and looks oh so cute with my pretty sweater.

It helps me pull off the movie star look and also helps keep me warm when it's cold and windy.

As you can see I look awesome and just like a movie star. Move over Lassie there's a new girl on the scene.

They have some great ones for boy dogs too. These scarves are super cool but oh so warm.

This is a great way to look great and the cost won't cut into your kibble and treat budget.  The nice person behind this scarf also makes other great products. They have so many great ways to look great that every one will be able to find at least one low cost high fashion item that they will just love.

If you are anything like me then you will love this store. High fashion at a price any dog will wag their tail at.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Leash with attitude

I got this great cute leash with polk-a-spots on it. I love that because its fun and it works great because the leash has a nice strong clip. This is a bit longer than I usually use but that's a-ok because I got some special embrodery on it.

See I'm a service dog and super cute. In fact people say I'm too cute to have to work for my kibbles.

This leash says I'm Cute, I'm Working, Deal With It!!! I love it because it makes people stop saying dumb stuff. I love my job and would never give it up.

You can get one embroidered with anything you like.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bow before royality

Hi everyone. 

I got this super cute cape that lets the world know that I'm a royal girl and that they should bow down to me. It's pink like most of my pretty things.

I love that it has sparkles on it too. This slips right over my collar so I don't have to worry that it will fall off. I think that it's really really cool.

The shipping was super fast too. I love the fact that the nice lady who runs this shop puts such care into everything she makes.  Like my creepy cute Halloween bow.   I can wear this on my pretty ghosty collar. 

See this creepy cute Halloween bow is so nice and cute and even special. I love the way it securely attaches to my collar that way I can run and play and don't have to worry that it'll get lost. 

This lady must be super talented if she can make things that are as cool as this. 

There was one more cool thing in the box a pretty sleak silky looking bandanna  that is fit for a royal pup, 

With products as cute as this I know you'll find something.

They even have ties for boy dogs of all sizes. 


I will be giving away a goodie to two special Great Danes. Please leave your name and why you should win.