Thursday, April 17, 2014

Frost the bulldog

I got these super yummy treats. Shaped like little cups.. I may just have to hide those.
A paw on a stick and some yum cookies with frosting on them.
Boy are these things great.
I'll start with those cups. It's called Bark-o-late Peanut Butter Bites.
They look just like the bites the humans like that's why I gotta hide mine These things are doggy chocolate that's something called Carob. I really like it because I get to eat chocolate.
I love my paws on the stick and get to nom the whole thing. It's candy, its crunchy and it's all mine.
I love my peanut butter and pumpkin cookie too because they taste so wonderful. I love the frosting that makes them oh so cute. These cookies are wagtastic.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Big Phish Necklase

Hi everyone.

I just adore sharks. We even saw some cool ones behind glass at a big fish house. Boy was that fun.

See the Sharkey leash well my collar matches it perfect. Boy was I stylin. No one could hardly keep their eyes off me. I think I was making those sharks jealous. I'm glad that the leash is nice and strong. If it wasn't my mama might get lost and eaten by one of those big sharks.

If you want the chance to be as cool as me then you have to visit my friends at 

Come on you know you want to.

Lookin cool Southern style

Hi my friends.

I got some pawsome collars to tell you about.  One with some nutty squirrels , one with some dots, one with gobble gobble turkeys, and one with some spooktastic ghost.

This makes me feel so so happy because I get to look great.

A Southern girl like me has to look her best.

See these squirrels they're nuts but this collar is nice and pretty for spring. I really like it because I look great in it. Don't you think so too??

I like the dotty one too this collar is perfect for when you want to look good but not be too flashy. This is great for formal events.

I just love the ghosty one because I like looking spooky but having fun too. They look pawtastic and the background is green. My mama loves the color green.

The last collar has gobble gobble turkeys. I love this because I get to look great for Turkey day. Maybe if I'm cute enough they'll give me some turkey.

These collars are nice and strong but feel good on my skin. I love how great they look and I just know you will too.

If you want to have that Southern style. Then you need to check out this great company .

Photos to come... my mama is having computer issues

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yapping for a Yappy meal '


I got this really great box in the mail that had some great treats.

One even looked like a hamburger and fries boy are those cute and yummy.

The box had something called a yappy meal. That made me B.O.L

The fries are peanut butter cookies and that burger even had sesame seeds on the bun. SOOO COOL.

Yappy meal has a life sized peanut butter and apple sauce burger. It's soo yummy I at it up.

I love that a yappy meal has a toy with it too. Are we lucky dogs?

I loved the piggy shaped treats. They had pieces of bacon and cheese in them and you can taste eggs too. YUM.

I thought those chicken shaped treats are really great too because I love how chicken tastes but I can't eat my chickens that live outside.

I even got some YUUUUUUMY truffles but I couldn't even wait for my mama to take a picture to eat those. YUM YUM. Peanut butter and carob. I just can't get enough of that great taste.

I liked the little heart shaped cookies too those tasted just like liver and boy do I love liver. I wish I could eat it all the time.

I think every dog should have a treat from the Gormutt Beastro and Barkery. They are oh so cute and taste great too.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spa day.

Hello I got some really nice grooming products from the nice people at Conair. Wow I thought they only made people products.

They made some really nice things.

#1 A shed-it set
# 2 A shedding bade
# 3 A brush that feels amazing
# 4 a nail grinder

That Shed-it set is great it has a little handle that can hold 4 different heads. Man this thing knows some great tricks.

The first head I told mama to use just slid through my coat and pulled off lots of loose hair. Then she pushed a little button that made that hair just fall off the brush. I love that because she won't have to take time to clean the brush and can spend more time making me look great.

The second head has little sharp teeth that makes your skin feel oh so nice. It helps make your hair look great. It's amazing how great I look after a grooming session.

The third head looks almost like my mama hair brush so I really like it because it makes me feel like a human. I don't really think this is a pet brush.

The forth head was a little comb that helps make finishing up with grooming a blast.

That shedding blade is pawsome. My mama used to brush me about an hour a day and I thought all my loose hair was gone. Boy was I wrong.

This tool may sound and look kinda scary but trust me it's not. When my mama brushes me with it I wiggle all over because it just feels so good. The little teeth on it help get the hair out fast. You just tell them to brush from head to tail and send that fur flying. 

I lost enough fur to make a whole new dog. BOL.

The good feeling brush is called a pin brush and it looks just like the ones humans use kinda like the head for the shed-it but this one is bigger. My mama uses it after the shedding blade and just slides it through my hair to smooth it out so I look great. Then again I always look great. Mama loves the handle because it's a soft gel that feels good in her hand.

I even got a nail grinder. This helps keep my paws in tip top shape. With out clipping my nails. My mama said she will use this twice a week to keep those nails nice and short.

 Stay tuned for an update with another great product. I just have a few questions about before I post a review.

Easter Eggers

Hi everyone that hopping bunny will be here before you know it.

These cookies are sure to be a favorite if you tell that bunny to bring them.

It's a nice crunchy cookie dipped in CHOCOLATE. Mama calls is carob but I know better. Silly mama that's chocolate.

The following photo was taken from their store. I wouldn't let mama get a good picture of my cookies.
I love the peanut butter and chocolate flavor and just know you will to.

Crunchy and yummy. They taste so good you'll want to eat them all at once. 

I love that they are made in the USA that makes my tail really wag.
Check out the cool packaging. The bags stand up on their own.


I got this really great package in the mail the other day. It smelled so good I could hardly wait for my mama to open it. "WHY DON'T I HAVE THUMBS??"

Out tumbled two packages that had TREATS in it.

Some great flavors too.. Peanut Butter and Bacon, the other flavor was Spinach.

First I'll tell you about the PB&B those things may sound strange but they taste YUM.  I love how crunchy they are and I used the power of the puppy eyes to guilt my family into giving me lots.

The taste is amazing and I just know you'll love it. Get that tail wagging and tell your humans you want this.

The next great flavor is Juniors Spinach cookies. My mama says that spinach is yuck but I think it's really yum. That green veggie tastes really good plus it's great for you.

I just love them and was happy to put on my vest and work because when I got home I got to eat some of these cookies. 

Check them out at