Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Lets Play Fire fighter.

Hello everyone. I usually have my mama type about products that me or my animal friends use. This time I have to tell you about fun fun fun for boys and girls.  I really like seeing babies play.

I got some amazing things that I shared with my little cousin John Alan.

See he loves fire fighters, pretending, and being loud.

The fire chief playset was so much fun. It has lots of goodies. A toy axe, a toy pry bar, a toy watch, toy binoculars, and even a fire extinguisher. There are a few other things in there too like a whistle.

This set is the perfect size for a three year old to run around dress up and play fire man with.

I really love this kit and so did John Alan.

The other thing we received was a child sized megaphone. Now the downside of this is it did not come with batteries but we had some on hand so we got to play with it right away.

BOY this thing is loud. I'm really not sure that its a toy.  I love the strap so it can be warn. This way you can run and play then swing it up when you need it. Perfect for every fire chief in training.

This thing is VERY loud for a toy and even has a siren, While parents aren't thrilled by this children delight in it.

This is the perfect toy for a child you love with a parent that you aren't fond of.

Dress Up America has all you need to have fun and play hard.




Such a gentleman

I received a package in the mail a few days ago. Sadly, my mama has been very busy or she would have helped me type what I think about it much sooner.

We got 4 beautifully embroidered hankies with my boys initials on them.  Two are white with red letters and two are white with black letters.

I really love them because the quality of the embroidery is simply stunning. This looks so elegant and something that every true gentleman should have.

Nothing is more chivalrous than pulling out a hankie to offer when a lady is upset. The fact that your initials are embroidered on them just makes them that much more elegant.

The perfect addition to any true gentleman suit. I really think that every young man should carry one.

Now don't fret ladies. They have some for you too.

These hankies are nice and soft, and you can reuse them over and over again. At $8.50 each these are a great investment.


*photos will be added a bit later*

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Flea away power.

Fleas are vicious blood-sucking parasites that  live outside, in our homes, on our kitties and on us. The good thing, though, is that fleas really don't like diatomaceous earth.

Now you may be asking what that is.

di·a·to·ma·ceous earth
  1. a soft, crumbly, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms.
It's a totally safe bug killer that you can even eat. 

How does diatomaceous earth work?? Well fleas have something called an exoskeleton. 

  1. a rigid external covering for the body in some invertebrate animals, especially arthropods, providing both support and protection.

How does this all exactly work together to be an awesome and safe bug killer.

Well you sprinkle the powder everywhere and the little bugs crawl through it. Then it gets in the little cracks into their skeleton or "shell".Then they dry up because it pulls the moisture from their bodies.  Then they just dry up and die. 

This jar of powder is packed with a secret. This little jar is packed with Yarrow root powder and neem powder. In dog only houses you can get it with powdered eucalyptus. In houses with cats and dogs you can get it with lavender powder.

The neem tree started out in India, and can be  used in so many ways that it's difficult to count. I don't have enough toes to do that. BOL.  It's an evergreen tree that is remarkably tolerant of both heat and drought,and can even grow up to twenty feet in three years, that's super fast.  It has pesticide, germicide and medicinal properties, is resistant to termites. This makes it an amazing insect repellent. 

Yarrow comes from the sunflower family. In some native American tribes it was once used as medication. They would chew up the stalks and it would help break a fever, it would be used to sweat it out. The stalks could even be beat into a pulp and then applied to bruises, sprains, and swelling. This is a wonderful medication. If you have it put on your skin then it will help reduce itchys that those bad fleas leave behind when they bite.

Now I'm sure you want to know how those other powders help.
These are both wonderful plants that not only do they sooth the skin, they smell awesome too. My mama loves lavender because it makes her relax and get sleepy. 

Not only does this repel fleas, but ticks, flies, ants (but I don't want it to repel my Aunt Debbie I like her!!!!!), spiders, and even more insects. THAT'S SO AWESOME. 

Sprinkle it on your fur, bed, and carpet then a few days later vacuum it up. Take a bath and in a few hours reapply. This would be so easy to do and will help you to get rid of all of these nasty pests.

Check back on November the 30th to see if it's continuing to work.

(photos to come)

Friday, October 23, 2015


I got something amazing to give to my mama's cousin Brent Jr's baby.
See we wanted to decorate the baby bottle bank that we bought that was packed full of goodies.
We all know that an education is VERY important so we added a big decal to the bank to tell that beautiful baby girl to start saving early because college is expensive.
We love this decal because we designed it. You see it has a big pink dollar sign $ wearing a graduation cap.
It even says MY COLLEGE FUND. That's so cool. Now this thing took a while to come in the mail but that is because of the fact that the designer was very busy. We also got done with several days of rain rain and even more rain.
The decal was super easy to put on. We just wiped down the bottle to make sure it was clean. Then we put a little bit of tape on the bottle to act as a guide where we wanted it to go. Pealed away the transfer paper and pressed the sticky sheet onto the bottle then rubbed it on really really good pressing to make sure everything was stuck on. Then we slowly pealed the sticky sheet away and the cool design was left behind on the bottle making it look pawsome.

My mama hasn't been able to get a pretty shot of it just yet but she will be getting one as soon as she is able to and we will upload it so you can see just how cool this decal really is.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Feeling good, smelling good.

I got a box in the mail today. This box had some super cool products and lots of bubble wrap. That stuff is funny. POP POP POP.

I think it's good that it's packed so well because the bottles inside are glass. They are a pretty brownish color that my grandma would call an amber.

I didn't understand why they packed them like that and not in clear glass so I asked my mama to look it up online. Here's what she found.

What she found out is that this color helps protect the oils in the products from spoiling from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Not only that but the amber bottles are more attractive than the clear ones. They cost less than the blue bottles and the blue ones actually let in the blue light from the harmful rays.

The great products in the box made me smile. Some doggy perfume for me and the puppies and it smells really really good. I love stuff like this because it's all natural and that's so much better than those yucky chemical scents. This spay only contains the following. Distilled Water, Essential Oil Blend, and Vegetable Glycerin

They also sent my mama some spray that smells amazing. She loves it. Said that not only will she use her spray as perfume but she will spritz a little on her pillow because it smells so good.

Then she even got a nice big jar of lotion. This is made with coconut oil and essential oils. It smells all minty and very fresh. To use it just scoop out a tiny bit have your human rub their hands together to help melt it and then rub it into their skin. It makes it oh so soft with out being yucky and greasy.  My mama said you could even use a tiny  bit in the shower to use as a moisturizing shaving lotion. This stuff smells so good I wish I could eat it but I'm going to be nice and let her keep it to rub on her skin. It's winter.. the air is more dry and harsh and she will use it to help not be itchy. I like it because when she uses it she smells like a mint plant and I want to get extra cuddles from her.

Wanna know something really cool?? That lotion also works as a doggy toothpaste. YAY for double duty. 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Car looks cool

We got a super cool decal for our car.

See it will let people know that a dog is i the car and that a wheelchair is also in the car. I love this because it's super cute, super cool and totally a custom design.

You see my mama talked to the lady that made it because she is super easy to work with. We said we wanted a decal of a girl in a wheelchair with a dog beside it. Next thing we know one is designed.

We love it because not many people have one like it and things that are unique are pawsome.

We also got a super special decal to send to my mama's little cousin Katie. See she is in a wheelchair and has a lot of health issues. Guess what she LOVED hers. It's cool because hers is all pink. Katie loves pink. There is no dog on Katie's though since she doesn't have a service dog. Although one would be so helpful for her.

My mama has had this on the car for a while and it turns out that it sticks very well. We took it through a car wash and it didn't wash away. That made my tail wag because I was going to cry if it got washed away.

Wanna know something else that's cool. My mama showed some of her service dog friends the decal and they liked it so much that they had to order one for their car too. PAWSOME.

One of our ideas is proving to be popular.

We love this girls work so much we had to go back to her and buy a small decal to put on a baby bottle bank for my mama's cousin Brent Jr.'s new baby girl.

It helped make it super special and really come from the heart.

Order from this shop you'll love the results. Easy to work with and very high quality.

They couldn't be more simple to put onto the window or anything you want them on.

Howl-o-ween giftbox

Hi everyone ,

I got another wonderful, fun gift box to tell you all about. This thing really makes my tail wag. It makes the puppies pretty happy too.

These boxes are so much fun. I love how they have several fun toys, treats, and a super special pup-prize.

I love this thing. This month the box was all spooktaular.

This time my box was bursting at the seams.

Two totally fun toys. A Jack-o-lantern and a witch that was hiding. You squish her hiding spot and she pops out. BOL that's silly. These toys are very high quality. The puppies just love them. I really like the fact that they are so much fun for them.

Two great treats. Some little yogurty disk that smell so good. They are pumpkin flavor. Now my mama hates pumpkin but she said they smell yummy. I think I better eat them all.She wants them for herself. Are these really made for dogs, or are they people snacks that got put in the wrong bag??

 I even got two pumpkin pie cookies. One was shaped like a jack-o-lantern the other like a ghosty. They were yummy and crunchy and lasted a really long time. It was hard to break them up so that mama could help us to share.


Next I got a super fun cute bandanna so I can share the Halloween spirit all month long. I love the fact that the little witches on it are dogs. BOL thats so cool.

See these boxes are full of fun and love. My tail hasn't stopped wagging ever since I got it. I wonder if I will get another one to share with the puppies. I bet next month will be filled with turkey-lurkey fun fun fun.