Friday, October 2, 2015

Baby clothes are oh so cute.

Today we got a super cute outfit for my mama's cousins baby girl. It's super cute, super fun and I wish I could wear it.

This little outfit has 3 pieces to it so that makes it a steel at $35. That's only $11.67 per item. Not bad at all.

First I have to tell you about these super cute polka dot ruffley leg warmers that are so much fun. This is a great way to keep those tiny baby legs warm when it's cool out but not cold enough for pants. We also love how super soft they are. Mama said she wishes she had jammies that were that soft. I bet that would be lots of fun. I would wanna cuddle with her non stop if she had those on.

Next there was a little cute orange head band with a pretty green flower. This adds a touch of cute to the outfit and a nice fun pop of color. My mama showed me something fun too. The flower will come off. See when the baby gets older and outgrows that headband they can slide the flower off. It will clip right to a pony tail holder or even to a big girl headband. I bet this will be one of the babies favorite things ever,

Last we have to tell you about the ADORABLE shirt. It even has writing on it.It says My Fingers May Be Small But I Still Wrap Daddy Around Them. That's so funny to picture Brent Jr. wrapped around a babies finger. I had to B.O.L about that.Then mama told me that it just means that he will do anything in the whole world that the baby wants. She said that when she was small she had him and Brad, and Jeremy, and Jason, and Ray, and Lloyd wrapped around her finger. They would play with her, and teach her things and that is what the shirt mans. I think its so funny and cute.

This baby is going to be the best dressed little girl EVER with this outfit.

PHOTOS TO COME.  The internet is being bad due to a whole lot of rain falling. GO AWAY RAIN.

Tinkle Bell

Boy all three of us have something to bark about. You see the other day our mama got a package in the mail. We thought it might be a gift from her friend Bridget. See Bridget went to a super duper special concert and got our mama a present.

Guess what though it wasn't a gift for mama at all. BOL she's so jealous that we get all the super fun packages.

This package jingled like Santa's sleigh but it's still a really really long time till he comes to visit.

Well not one but two very cute very special things tumbled out of that pack and they looked so cool we just had to check them out.

These mystery objects had something that felt like our leashes on them but they are so much cuter. A stretchy ring on them, and bells. OH HOW MUCH FUN. We loved whacking the bells  with our paws to make that pretty jingly sound.

Mama told us these are tinkle bells. That when we need to go potty we gotta wack them with our nose or paw ,but not our tails because we are not silly.

We all tried it out and boy does it work. See to teach us how to do it she hung them on the front door.

She put a leash on us one by one and walked us over to the door. Took our paws and touched the bells with it and then gave us a treat and we got to go out to play one on one.

It didn't take long before all three of us had the tinkle bells down pat. We're super smart dogs.

What mama isn't thrilled about is the fact that the cats think the tinkle bells are toys and try to play with them all day and night long. LEAVE IT ALONE KITTY THAT'S NOT YOURS.

Now there are so many cool designs some cute, some more boyish and even holiday ones. You'll find something that will help you train your person to take you out when you gotta tinkle.

Mama said to be sure we told you that photos will be coming soon. That she wants to get some pretty ones soon as all the nasty wet weather goes away,

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jr. Firefighter

Everyone this is Stonewall and Toffee.

We have this PAWSOME set of toys to tell you about.  See when mama brought this package in boy did it smell good. Our sniffers worked in hyperdrive. Let us tell you, it smelled like FUN.

When we opened it lots of toys tumbled out. Toys of all  sizes and one even had a rope. That's so cool. See with this nice fun toy we get to play firefighters. This is so much fun. We love toys. One of the best parts happens to be the fact that the toys are filled with fabric not stuffing.

This is so much fun because we can play fetch, tug or even just chew for a bit.

Our mama said the the bestest part about this is the hoses are recycled and did lots of hard work to put out fires. Some of them are even older than she is. WOW that's super cool.

We love our super cool toys that are made with so much love. Only thing that would be better is if we had gotten beds from the nice people too. BOL.

It's so cool that they use those old hoses to make the toys because they are fun, totally cool, get yur people involved in your play, AND they even help save the earth. That's totally pawsome. Gotta love anything that can do all of that.

Toy, food, thinking tool.

Hi everyone it's Toffee here. It's my turn to tell you all about a toy. I really love this because it's STRONG, and it gives me food. I had to learn something new so I could get it to work too. Man I love to learn, and to play, but I love to eat even more.

This toy was so much fun. It's got 5 holes in the sides that when you boop it with your nose or paw sometimes it rolls and some super yummy treats fall out.

This toy is a nice long plastic tube with no icky sharp edges to hurt us.  This toy is so much fun and I really adore it.

I wish that had so many of the little tidbits that fall out of the treat.

Now between you and me I did something that really made them fall out.

I picked it up by the cap and tossed it in the air. I had lots of treats then. Yummy yummy in the tummy treats.

Now we had a little tiny problem with the toy. You see I'm just a puppy and not very strong yet and my girl has little hands and because of her disabilities she's not strong either.

We asked the nice people who made the toy for help and they got back to us lickity split, wouldn't you know it with their outstanding customer service and simple tips that cap popped right off so I could get the tube refilled.

I'm glad it fits so snug that makes it so a dog can't get choked. They have other cool protect too so check them out. You'll love it.

To buy  refills for the toys check out

Jake the totally cool snake

I got a bit behind on my reviewing because my mama had a hard time reviewing. She was sick and flelt super bad. She has sore ears and an itchy throat that makes her cough.

She did say that seeing the puppies play with Jake the Snake that she felt so much better.

I'm going to let my baby brother Stonewall take over for this one because he LOVES toy's. In fact he has so many.

HI FRIENDS this is Stonewall the future service dog. I have to tell you about this fun toy that I LOVE. It's soft but strong and I think it's cute too. I really love how it screamed when I bit it's head and it's tail. that was so funny. I also loved how it didn't hurt went I hit my mama in the face with it

The very bestest part about this toy is that it's long enough that I can play tug with Toffee. This snake is a whopper at 1 and 1/2 feet long. MAN THATS A BIG TOY.

My mama said that not only is this toy fun it's helping me learn a valuable task. Not all doors are automatic and she sometimes is in a chair. This will help me learn to pull them open on command.

This toy is home made with so much love. I wish I had 100 of them. This thing is cool and was
knitted I wish I had a way to give some to all the homeless dogs at my local shelter. That would help show those dogs that they get love too.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Scrubba Dub

Hello everyone.

I have this really great shampoo that me and the pups have to bark about. We really love it. This stuff is nice ,and thick and a little goes a long way. It even has good for you oils in it that put those nasty itchy fleas on the run..This shampoo is so luxurious that you may have to hide it from the humans.

Fill a tub with water and hop right in scrub and get all bubbley and let it soak for a little bit and the fleas will really flee.

There was even this really great stuff called conditioner. I love that it has coconut oil and vanilla beans in it. It smells really yummy but be careful puppies you can't eat it.. even if it does smell like you can.

This conditioner rinses away super easy and leaves you feeling silky smooth. I'm scared my mama will try to use it for lotion because it really is that nice.

The bottle that it's packed in couldn't  be cuter. I love how Mrs. Terry tried to take all the credit and put her name on the bottle. Lucky that Zoey caught it in time and changed it before it got shipped out. GOOD CATCH ZOEY.

With a set that smells this good and makes you feel this wonderful there's no way you can go wrong. I wanna take a bath every single day.

I really love the cute pink mit that came out the box when my mama opened it. That thing had nubs on it that really get in deep and make hiney rubs feel oh so good. I love it, the puppies love it, the cats love it. That makes my mama very very happy. If she had a tail she would wag it too.

We really love that my mama had a pup-prize in the box. An ear cuff. I had never even heard of one of those before but it's this really adorable piece of jewelry that your human doesn't have to punch holes in their ears to use. HOW COOL.

Check out this shop and your tail will wag. You will look PAWSOME like me,Stonewall, and Toffee.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tell those goodies ALOHA

All my loyal readers will remember where I have done a few reviews for the pet gift box. Well guess what. We got another one. This one is luau themed. I really enjoined it and it couldn't have gotten here at a better time.

This box was loaded with island flair.

Two treats. a pretty bandanna a toy, and a super special can of food. This box was great.

I will  tell you about the food first. It was made with sushi grade tuna brown rice and some yummy veggies like kale.  It was even cooked in tuna juice. That was super special. I just really wish that it was a bigger can that stuff tasted so good.

That can was more a snack than a meal for a dog as big as I am but man I loved it.

Now on to the treats. We got a little vacuum packed baggy of organic coconut chips and a tasty fruity bone.This thing was great.. The bone was a chewy long lasting refreshing treat that I would lick anyone to get another.

The coconut chips tasted great and even the puppies like it.
The keep shoving their head into the bag. Silly puppies... but at least it's a healthy treat.

Now that bandanna is too big for the puppies so its all mine HAHA. I get to be the big girl with all the island flair.

Last I have to tell you about the toy. This toy wasn't fun for me but the baby dogs sure did love it. They cried when mama took it away to put it up while we had dinner. It was cute. And plush, and had a tug, and squeeked. That's what they would call a mega toy. You won't be sorry if your human buys you this.