Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fun and learning

Hi everyone a few days ago I got a really nice package that even came with a gift for my mama.

She got a video game with a toy gun and I got a dvd to help me remember my manners.

The DVD is called Family Dog and is based off of a great book by the same name.

In this DVD there's a mean man with a pretty dog that is very smart. That dog even mails letters. He makes a super nice family feel like they could never train a dog.

Well this DVD offers tips on picking out a dog going to the vet and even about some yummy treats.

Then they get down to the learning. This DVD makes it super easy to learn to be a good dog. BOL buy the DVD and you'll get the joke.

By working a little each day I am an even better behaved girl.

My mama just loved her game. On it you train a dog then hunt for ducks. Some times you have to wait a long time before BANG dead duck.

Don't worry though those duckies aren't real though.

The toy gun makes playing the game even more fun and it even can work with other hunting and shooting games.. WOW.

See my mama just went into a wheel chair and this game cheered her up that makes me like it even more.

More photos to come 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monkey around

Hello again,

Have I got something super cute to show you.  It's fun bandanna with a cute monkey on it. Even better it's pink and says my name.

See my mama was kinda sad that the nice people didn't have hoodies to fit me and I was scared that she might cry.

So I talked to them and told them how much we like fashion choices and that I thought the monkey was cute and they came up with this cute over the collar bandanna that we just love,

It's pretty and pink with a monkey and a big D for Daisy-Mae but that's not all. It even has my name spelled out on it.

I love over the collar bandannas because they are cleaner looking and don't have an annoying knot.

They also are very well trained. These bandannas know how to stay.

I went out the other day wearing it and people kept saying how cute I am.

The quality is amazing my mama washed it twice and one of those was with my vest and it looks like when it came out the package.

I think they need to charge 100 doggy treats for this super cute pretty girl bandanna.

They went above and beyond what was expected to make this for me. Now that's tail waggin good customer service.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Take control

Hello again friends.

I have this amazing new head collar called the K-9 Bridle and boy does it work great.  This collar works just like the pawsome head wear that our horsey friends wear. Except we don't have a metal bar in our mouths.

This collar is super easy to put on.

Photo and instructions credit to K9 Bridle.


Fitting Stage 1

Open the K9 Bridle at the two middle rings and fit over your dog's head.


Fitting Stage 2

Form a hoop to fit over your dog's nose at the bottom ring.


Fitting Stage 3

Attach the safety strap clip to dog's collar.


Fitting Stage 4

Close the two top rings together at the dog's head.


Fitting Stage 5

Attach your dog lead to both rings then...


K9 Bridle

I personally love the safety feature and how easy this is to use.  I also love all the great colors and the fact there are loads of sizes. But the best part is this collar has been used to help dogs that need to learn their manners so they can go home or stay in their home.

My girl recently got a wheelchair because she has troubles walking and this collar helped me learn how to walk beside her lickity-split.

This is perfect for service dogs because  it is super easy for someone who is disabled to use.

With sizes to fit every dog you'll find what you need.

Very Small (Size 1) is for very small skulled dogs; whippets, JR terriers, small spaniels, etc.
Small (Size 2) is for larger skulled terriers, small boarder collies, spaniels and the like.
Medium (Size 3) Averaged sized Labradors, boxers, Weimaraners, etc.
Large (Size 4) is for Rotties, Great Danes and heavy skulled dogs with broad muzzels.
Giant (Size 5) is for Mastiffs, St Bernards, etc

This company has very fast shipping. I got my goodies in no time and they shipped from a place called the UK. My mama said that's all the way on the other side of the big water called the Atlantic Ocean. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Royal treatment.

Hi friends,

I have some amazing wonderful cookies to tell you all about.

They are from Maine and filled with so much goodness my tail won't stop waggin. See the treats are filled with something called lobster.

It must be pretty special because my mama said I'm eating better than she is. I think that's just because she really loves me.

Anyway back to the goodness of these treats.  They come in two kinds regular and gluten free. That way every dog can enjoy the rich flavor of lobster.

The treats are lovengly handmade and that makes them even better.  I thought it was funny because the silly cats tried to take them but my mama took the bag from them. Silly cats those are MINE.

If you have a bag of these every dog on the block will wanna be your friend because they are so super goood.

After these treats I would have to say... "I'm a salty dog"

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lookin cool and stayin safe.

Do you wanna look cool and stay safe?? Are tridional tags a drag?? You want some spice in your life?

Check these tags out!!

Cammo no problem they can do it.
Classy what a breeze.

With 55 dog tags to choose from finding one you love will be super simple.

They even do custom.   Looking for something super special they will work with you and get it out in a flash.

The back is silver plated and your name will look so cool under the domed face.

Be careful not to let this great tag soak in water it'll mess up though.

Dry it off if it rains.

These cool people made me a special tag to match my special town pride gear. GO VIKINGS.

The best part is they make human goodies too. I love them.

Healthy Yum

OH BOY  have I got some tail waggin leg twitchin pawsome vitamins to tell you all about.

One helps my skin be healthy and my fur shine. It's got lots of yummy good things in it like, Omega 3 and 6, Biotin, Choline, and so many other great things to help you look and feel your best. I love this because it makes my kibbles extra yummy.

The other is to help me with big bad booming thunder storms. I hate those bad things but I'm brave because I'm a service doggy.

The great things in this taste really good and don't prevent me from earning my kibbles and the best treats ever

The great calming down good for you medicine has Chamomile,valerian tryptophan, and lots of other great stuff.

Two pumps is all I need to look and feel great or be extra brave with a big bad storm growling outside.

The nice people even make great human products too and I highly recomend them.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Silky Shiny Smooth

Liquid Neem Soap with Neem, Karanja, Castor, Coconut and Olive Oils

I love this Neem shampoo. It has a wonderful suds. Helps make those fleas run away. And even helps the two-leggers get rid of lice. This shampoo has tons of great stuff in it.

Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lard. Boy do I shine when I get a bath in this goodness.

Its' Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, SLS Free, Silicone Free  and has no preservatives.  I love natural products and use them every chance I get. See my human has lots of allergies and I have to look out for her.

This great stuff comes from Canada and helps me look my very best.

Man do I love the Honey Pot Herbals.