Monday, April 20, 2015

This is so handi

This company that I need to tell you about is really great. They sell easy to use handi packs that are great to travel with.
I tried several of their products and just love them.
This is something that every dog needs because well poop happens. The pack has things to make clean up a breeze because no one wants to step in icky poo.
This pack has plastic gloves so your person can slide their hands in the, then a hand into a poop bag also included and pick up the poop. Then after throwing it away they clean up with included handi wipes. Best thing ever is a water bowl so you can get a quick drink if you get hot. All of this for the low price of $1.00
They even have potty packs for people. Have you dogs seen the inside of public human potties. Those things are nasty. I'm glad that this pack has the good things of gloves for putting on to clean the potty seat with a alcohol wipe before putting down a seat cover so the ickies don't get on their butts. Theres even a handi wipe for them to clean their paws before leaving the potty. This great pack is just $0.75
I love the wonderful Summer time pack that they have. Some great things in this pack. I love it because it has things that can help my mama. It has some lip balm to help her lips not dry out. Sunscreen to help keep that owchy burn away. Bug repellent to get rid of the buzzing bugs. Theres also an absorbent towel that helps get the sweat out of their faces. Sometimes they get an owchy burn and this helps keep them a bay. If they happen you need to help them rub this on so that they wont hurt for long. $1.50
We also go to test out a pack that is perfect for the rainy days.It had something called a poncho. This looks like a plastic bag but it has arm holes and holes for their head and a hood to keep it nice and dry. There are also booties that helps keep their shoes dry that can keep their toes dry and the floors clean when they go into the carpet area. There's also a towel to use so they can dry off their hands and face. This thing is really really cool.  This pack is an affordable $1.50

I really love these packs because they are easy to put into your persons pocket or into a backpack. At these prices you can afford one for every one in your family.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

It's like Christmas.

I got a wonderful goodie box in the mail the other day and boy do I love it. This is like Christmas every single month.

Natural grain free treats like

  Bully sticks, also known as beef pizzles, pizzle sticks, beef sticks, steer stix, are made from 100% bull penises. These are a single ingredient treat that last a long time and are very high value. 

Theres also great bistro inspired treats. I love these because they are raw based just seasoned slightly and dehydrated. I love them. Such wonderful crunch.

They also had some great jerky treats that smelled so yummy I thought my mama was gonna eat them. This was very tender and tasty.

The box also included some Yacky Bites. This is a super yummy treat that I really enjoy. I love that is was made with Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. This thing was really good. Better than popcorn even.

For $35 you would think theses treats are the only thing that came in this box but NO. There was more. This thing must be magical to be able to hold all these things.

It had two super fun toys. 

A Kong Wubba. Now Kong is a very well known brand of dog toys that last a really long time. They are super cool.

I also got a special squeeky teddy bear. I love this thing because it's so soft. 

You may think WOW all that for only $35 what a great deal. Well that's not the only thing you get for that price.

I also got some awesome poo bag holder, and 2 rolls of earthrated poo bags. See it's yucky to leave your poo laying around for people to step in. Earth rated bags are better for the planet so these are the ones to use. I love how the holder velcros to the leash.

I also love that they included a poison control hotline sticker and a sticker for my front door to let firefighters know animals are inside.

This is a super box full of wonderful things and you can get it for small, medium sized, or large dogs. 

They even have them for cats.

I will be doing a follow up next month to show you how this box changes month to month. 

Usually these boxes are $35 but I can get you a deal of $25 for a 1 month subscription if you order by 4/19/15.  You can also get this deal for larger subscription times too. What a great thing. 

Coupon code is below.


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Open to dogs small-large and cats too.

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Link to the site is the photo below.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tiny crunchy I'm in love

Hello everyone I got some great small treats to tell you about. They come from Little Lexi's Barkary.

I really love them because while they are tiny the flavor is huge. I love the little treats because you can use them training and get to have lots of goodies and get right back to work.

They have so many great treat flavors.

Grain free sweet peas  (I would love to try this one next time)
Large Peamut butter Bones
Cheddar 911 fire hydrants Easter Cinnamut bunnies (maybe they can make these in another shape for year round fun)
Dehydrated Liver Bites (I'd love to taste this too)
Small Peamutt Butter Bones
Lexi's Mini Bones (I tasted these in Peamutt Butter, Beef-y, and Cheddar  and boy are they good)
Peamut Butter Pups
Pumpkin Hearts
Pawmesan Bones (This sounds yummy)
Large Cheddar Bones
MInt and Parsley hearts
Gluten Free Peamut Butter Bones
Veggie Bones
Bark-B-Q Rings (I think I would really love the flavor of these)
Fruity Bones
Low Protien Sweet Potato
Pumpkin Howloweenies

They also have Liver Bow Wow bone cakes

You can even get fun low cost baskets.

Adorable bandannas

Wine Charms for your Person.

Or even a bowl full of bones.

I really think that every single dog out there will like those awesome treats and will be able to beg their person to buy them. I think that everyone would love to eat them and I feel like I had to gobble mine so my mama wouldn't eat my yummy yummy cookies. This is something that every single service dog needs.

I wish they offered a package of a pop up bowl of cookies in place of the hard plastic one because those pop up ones are cool because they travel well.

Check them out.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Yummy Yogurt

Hello everyone I just have to tell you about this cute and super affordable yummy treats made of yogurt.

I really love yogurt based treats because not only are they super tasty they are good for me too.

You see yogurt has a lot of calcium and protein in it. Calcium builds healthy teeth and bones Protein helps make you stronger. So as you can see not only is this treat tasty it's good for you too.

They are really cute too.  You can get fun shapes like Spring/Easter in lots of cute spring colors even some in eggs. You can also get lips. These are so much fun and tasty.

Prices are super fair too. So thats great too.

My tail just wags for these and I gobbled them up really fast. My mama even said I almost took her hand off.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Training is fun.

Clicker training is most useful for learning new things and perfecting the things you all ready know. Best of all it's fun because the clicker always sounds happy and means TREAT TIME.

A clicker is an "event marker." By your person clicking at the exact instant you offer a desirable behavior, the person is  able to communicate effectively with you. A click tells you "Yes! You did great.  Do it more often!" and is also a promise that reinforcement  is on the way.

Though clicker training is perceived by many to be a dog training "fad," the truth is that clicker traininghas been in practice for a really long time and is used successfully in training many species, from  dogs and cats to exotic animals like lions tigers bears, fish, birds, and marine mammals.

See clicker training is great and so much fun to do too.

The clicker you see here is really cool. It's also a target stick. Target sticks can be used to learn how to hit buttons and things like that. We really love it. With an extendable rod and a nice loud click this thing is perfect for learning lots.


They also have really great teardrop shaped ones that feel amazing in your persons hand. The button is so easy to press and you get a great click. 

I love this because it's perfect if your person is disabled because it is easy for them to click and they won't be able to miss making that great sound  that gives helps you know treat is coming. 

They also have some nice small clickers that don't make a loud sound so if you are shy you won't get scared by the sound. These clickers are called QT clicks and they also work great on the go. At hotels, and doctor offices so you won't disturb anyone while you work on honeing your skills.  

They also have a great clicker that has a built in whistle. I love when tools do double duty. This clicker gives a nice clear click and a sharp whistle too. How great is this? I think it is something that can benifit all types of dogs in a lot of diffrent situations.

This company also has great curly loops that your person can slip on their arm after they attach the clicker to it so that can have one with you while on the go. 

They have totally fair prices and you can get as few as 1 or as many as you need with out breaking the treat jar BOL.

I also love the fact that they have the option to get blank clickers or clickers with your logo on it. This is perfect if you run a petshop, craft and sell pet products, you are the icky vet and want to offer give aways. Or you are a dog trainer.

This company also sells other training products but I can't bark about those because I haven't tried them. 

If they are anything like the other products they sell then you'll have no problems if you buy them.

Patriot Paws

I love this new collar and leash that I got because I get to show pride in my Country. I love America and this is a fun way to show it.

You see my family and some of my friends have been in the military and died serving this country. For that reason alone I love patriotic things.

This collar feels great on my neck and the leash is easy on my mamas hands. So not only does it look great this stuff is made with a lot of love and care.

I love that the stitching is reinforced because that keeps me and my mama safer.

I love that they put so much attention to detail into the leashes and collars but I do wish I had a matching bandanna because bandannas are fun.

I really wish they had the option to buy bandannas to go on existing collars but they do have an option for a bandanna collar combo with snaps.

SuttonMiloDesigns I would love if you offered over the collar bandannas too.

They currently have 10 fabric options but I am very sure that they will be getting more options soon. They also have super cute embellishments. Those help you look fancy and so cool.

If you like you can even get faux leather and suede and let me tell you those look really cool to. So no matter what option you pick you can't go wrong.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I'm so fresh.

Hello all I have some great things to tell you about.

Dry shampoo powder that smells so good. I love that the products in it are natural that makes things oh so much better.

And with this powder I can keep smelling good even when it's been a long while since I've had a bath.

It smells so good too. I just wanna roll in it. To make it even better this makes your person have to brush brush brush you.

With wonderful smells of lavender and rosemary. You get to be extra happy because your people are happy that you smell good and they didn't have to make you get in the tub.

At $15 a bottle (and they are big bottles) this is a real steal. Your human sprinkles it on rubs it in and then brushes you. How's that for bonding time??

Even better it works as carpet fresh too and a little goes a long way.

I also got a guuurate bottle of waterless shampoo foam. I think that stuff is funny because it's all liquid like water but when but when you mash the button it gets all foamy like shampoo and with it you get a nice rub down with fingers then a towel then sometimes even a brush

. It helps get out spots like if a little soda dribbles on you or you just need a quick pick me up.

I love the great scent too. All grapefruity. I also love how easy it is to use and the fact that my mama doesn't have to work hard to get me fresh and ready to work.

I don't like that this won't last as long as the powder but it's still a great deal at $12 and smells pawsome.

Best of all would have to be the stuff my mama got to put in my water. I love that it helps my breath not be stinky because then I may get more kisses. I also love that it keeps the yucky slime out of my bowl. No dog likes that slime.

This great stuff helps make my teeth cleaner too. This stuff is good because it won't hurt your kitties of they sneak a drink from your water bowl.

It doesn't make your water taste icky either. I like that because boy do I love my water. This is super easy to use too. For every cup of water you just use 1 teaspoon of this water additive and you're on your way to fresh breath and clean teeth.

This bottle costs $10 but gives you 96 cups worth of freshening water that works not only to keep your from being thirsty but also give you good oral health.

Please check back in a month for an update on how this works for me.

The nice people behind these product got it right boy are you fresh and clean after using them.